22.00.120     SPEED MEASURING DEVICES              (CALEA 61.1.9)


The Department uses radar in high or potentially high accident locations when speed is a factor, in areas where speed limit violations are prevalent, and in response to citizen complaints concerning speeding violations.


A Traffic supervisor is responsible for the Department's radar program including: 


v     Equipment specifications


v     Operational procedures


v     Specifications for proper care and upkeep


v     Programmed maintenance


v     Maintenance and calibration records


v     Operator training and certification


Officers will use radar that is approved and issued by the Department only after successfully completing a basic operator course and receiving certification for the use of the unit.


The proper care and verification of calibration of the unit will be the responsibility for the individual officer to whom the radar unit is issued.


If for any reason the radar does not check out to be in working order, the unit will be immediately taken out of service.  It will be the responsibility of the officer to forward the unit to the Traffic Supervisor who will arrange for repair.