22.00.090       DRIVER’S LICENSE RE-EXAMINATION                     (CALEA 61.1.12)


Officers detecting a driver who appears to be incompetent, physically or mentally disabled, or suffering from disease or other conditions that prevents or significantly interferes with their exercising reasonable and ordinary care in operating a motor vehicle, will complete appropriate forms to request a re-examination by the Department of Licensing (DOL).


A request for driver re-examination will be made on a form provided by the DOL.  The information to be entered is self-explanatory; however, certain portions must be specifically addressed.


The driver’s physical impairments must be described in specific detail.  The summary portion must be written in such detail that reasonable grounds for the re-examination are established.


The form will be signed by the initiating officer.  After review and approval by a supervisor, the form will be submitted to DOL.