22.00.070     DRIVING WHILE LICENSE SUSPENED (DWLS)       (CALEA 61.1.5)


DWLS Arrest Processing


After confirmation from NORCOM of a DWLS violation, the officer may arrest the driver.


In accordance with RCW 46.55.113, the vehicle is subject to impoundment at the discretion of the officer at the scene.


In the interest of safety, after the impound, the arresting officer will make reasonable transportation arrangements for the passengers and the arrested driver if they are not booked.  These arrangements, if approved by a supervisor, may include transportation via police vehicle to a more centralized location.


Release/Detention of Arrestee


The arrested driver will in most cases be released in the field with a summons pending charges to be filed by the prosecutor.


The arrested driver may be booked at the station if there are additional charges, warrants outstanding or for investigative purposes.


Disposition of Arrestee's Vehicle


The arrestee will be given the option of signing a waiver of impound if the vehicle can be secured in a safe location or released to a responsible party.


If the arrestee does not choose the above options, the vehicle will be impounded according to existing impound procedures.  Refer to policies concerning Towing and Impounding Vehicles.