22.00.020    VIOLATOR CONTACT      (CALEA 61.1.8)


Officers will seek to achieve two objectives during traffic enforcement contacts:


v     Taking appropriate enforcement action


v     Favorably altering the violator's future driving behavior


In order to minimize conflict between the officer and the violator and achieve the two objectives in a professional and friendly manner, officers, when contacting violator(s) will:


v     Be in proper uniform, presenting a pleasant, professional image in grooming, language, bearing, and emotional stability


v     Be alert at all times for the unexpected, but not obviously apprehensive


v     Be certain that observations of the violation were accurate


v     Be prepared for the contact with the necessary forms and equipment


v     Decide on the appropriate enforcement action based on Department procedures and the observed violation, not the violator’s attitude


v     Greet the violator with the appropriate title and in a courteous manner


v     Immediately inform the violator of the reason for the contact (i.e., the traffic law violated) and ask for their driver's license vehicle registration, proof of insurance, or other identification


v     Allow the driver to reasonably discuss the violation


v     Be alert for signs of physical impairment, emotional distress, and alcohol and/or drug abuse which may necessitate actions other than releasing the violator to resume driving


v     Complete the necessary enforcement document (NOI/C) or issue a verbal warning; make a physical arrest if appropriate


v     Explain the enforcement action and any alternatives to the violator.   Provide the violator with a copy of the NOI/C.


v     Return the violator's driver's license, vehicle registration proof of insurance, or other identification, and a copy of the NOI/C if applicable


v     Advise and assist the violator, if necessary, in safely reentering the traffic flow