21.00.190 Identity Theft      (CALEA 42.2.8)


Due to the significant personal security threat and potential financial loss that Identity Theft poses to the public, it is the policy of the Bellevue Police Department that all crimes of Identity Theft (RCW 9.35.020) will be investigated by an officer and initially documented on the Case Report Form.  The completed report will be forwarded to the Investigation Section.

Information will be provided to the public on the prevention of identity crime.  This can be accomplished in the form of brochures, presentations, and website.




v      Officers will document a report of Identity Theft on the Case Report Form. The title shall be Identity Theft and the initial UCR code shall be 11.06.00 (Bunco/False Pretenses) 


v      Officers will attempt to obtain as much detailed personal information possible including bank/credit card account numbers, social security numbers, and dates of birth.  This information will be included in the case report.


v      The initial officer will make every attempt to determine where the actual crime occurred.  If that location cannot be determined, the officer should list the location of occurrence as the victim’s address.


v      Occasionally the victim may already know that the crime occurred in another jurisdiction, but is requesting a case report in order to begin the process of reestablishing correct information with a bank or credit card company.  In these cases it is acceptable to complete a case report. 


v      Officers should provide Identity Theft victims with the following information;


o        A copy of the department’s Identity Theft pamphlet

o        Information about websites that are maintained by the Federal Trade Commission and the Washington State Attorney General’s office that can provide them with Identity Theft information

o        Officers shall inform victims about the WACIC/NCIC Identify Theft File. The victim can consent to their “identity” being flagged so officers have that information if they contact a suspect using the fictitious information.  If the victim wants their information included in this file, a signed “Identity Theft File Consent Document” must be submitted.  See BPD Records ID Theft Manual for further file information.


v      The approved report shall be forwarded to the Investigations Section for review and then forwarded to the Crime Analysis Detective.