21.00.180      Unsolved/Cold Case Investigations      (CALEA 42.2.9)


Definition:  Unsolved/Cold cases are unsolved violent crimes that have been inactivated due to lack of investigative leads.  If the statute of limitations has not run for the underlying crime, the Commander of the Investigations Unit may authorize designation as an Unsolved/Cold case.  Detectives or Detective Supervisors can request that a case be designated as an Unsolved/Cold case.  If the statute of limitations has run, the case shall be removed from the Unsolved/Cold case designation and closed. Upon the receipt of new information or every three years, whichever comes first, a detective shall review an Unsolved/Cold case to determine whether the position of persons involved or other factors in the situation have changed and present new opportunities to solve the case. The Forensic Unit and the King County Prosecutors Cold Case Unit should be contacted to determine whether the application of new technology may be successful in solving the case. 


The Commander of the Investigations Unit will decide if an Unsolved/Cold case will be re-opened.  This decision should be made in consideration of resources including time, funding, and personnel available for investigative and forensic work. 


A written summary of the review and any actions taken shall be recorded in the case file.