21.00.120     TASK FORCE OPERATIONS      (CALEA 42.2.5)


Task force operations will be implemented when Department, local, or regional police resources combined can supplement conventional methods of operation.


Use of Department personnel and resources as part of a task force will require a written agreement or memorandum of understanding between the participating agencies that identifies the following:


v     The task force purpose, mission, and objectives for each agency participant


v     Command authorities and responsibilities for each agency


v     Methods of accountability for task force operations. 


v     Identification of each agency’s resources made available to the task force


v     Established criterion to analyze the effectiveness of the task force, determination of task force needs, and whether or not continued operation is in the best interest of the community and participating agencies


Authorities to exercise police power(s) in multi-jurisdictional task force settings are stated in the "List of Agencies Authorized to Exercise Peace Officer Powers". (RCW 10.93.070)