21.00.070     INTERVIEWS      (CALEA 1.2.3 & 42.2.1)


Constitutional Requirements


During in-custody interviews and/or interrogations in the course of a criminal investigation, investigators will ensure that the US and Washington Constitutional Rights of persons involved are not violated and will properly inform suspects of their rights (including the right not to answer questions or make statements and the right to counsel).  Officers shall not coerce or obtain involuntary confessions from persons suspected of criminal involvement.  Particular attention should be given to protect against:


v     Failure to inform defendants of their rights, including access to counsel


v     Pretrial publicity tending to prejudice a fair trial


v     Delay in arraignment


The investigating officer will inform suspects of their rights, including the right to not answer questions or make statements and the right to counsel.  Interviews and/or interrogations will not be conducted in a coercive manner.


Suspects to be held in custody will be transferred to an authorized jail facility as soon as possible.  Suspects will be made available for arraignment or any court required hearing at the earliest time possible or as local court rules require if they are to be held temporarily in our holding facility.