21.00.060     CASE FILE MANAGEMENT               


A unique number is assigned to each case by the Communications Section upon receiving a request from the officer initially assigned to the call.  When a case file is forwarded to an Investigation Section Supervisor, it will be recorded in the Investigation’s Section Case Management System, as well as the individual detectives’ logs, which contains the case number, type of crime, complainant’s name, date assigned and the assigned detective’s name.


Case Status Control System             


Assigned cases will be given a case assignment in the Records Management System, specifying a review/return date.  Assigned cases will be concluded only with one of the following designations:


v     ClearedArrest/Warrant – Case has been satisfactorily concluded.


v     Unfounded – Incident is false or baseless.


v     Inactive – Available leads have been exhausted and case has not been brought to a satisfactory conclusion.


v     Other – The case is closed but no other clearance codes suitably describe the method of closure.


v     Exceptional Clearance – Only used under the following circumstances:


1.      Offender is arrested and clears multiple cases.  The first case is closed arrest or closed with a juvenile arrest; the other cases are closed as exceptional


2.      The offender is in custody by another department and confesses to crimes committed in Bellevue


3.      The offender is prosecuted for a lesser crime


4.      Lack of prosecution


5.      Extradition is denied


6.      A juvenile is handled within the department


7.      Offender is killed


8.      Offender commits suicide


9.      Double murder


10.  Deathbed Confession


11.  Restitution


12.  Administrative


An administrative clearance must meet all of the following criteria:


a)     The identity of the offender has been definitely established


b)     There is sufficient information to support and arrest, charge and turning over to court for prosecution


c)      The exact location of the offender is known and he could be taken into custody now


d)     Some reason outside of Law Enforcement control that precludes arresting, charging and prosecuting the offender.  Example: victim refuses to cooperate


Access to detective case files will be on a need to know basis, with permission of the assigned detective, or Section supervisor/commander.


Purging of case files will be in accordance with State Law and the Law Enforcement Retention Schedule.