To establish uniform guidelines for the inspection and maintenance of employee work areas. Employees do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the workplace.


In order to promote effective utilization of Department Property and the areas used by Department personnel to perform their duties, it is necessary to ensure that all Department resources are being used for their intended purposes. The practice of performing workplace inspections for work related reasons may be conducted in order to supervise, control, and maintain the efficient operation of the Department, its property and its personnel.  Should the Department determine to conduct a general inspection, a two week prior notice will be given to employees.


For the purpose of this policy, the term “workplace” includes those areas and items owned and issued by the department.  Inspections of the workplace may be made for legitimate work related reasons.


Use of locks


All lockers, desks, file cabinets, offices, and other areas of the workplace will be secured only by Department issued locks.


A spare or extra key to all desks, file cabinets, City Vehicles, and other areas of the workplace except lockers will be maintained by the Personnel Service’s Unit Captain. A master key or combination to lockers will be maintained only by the Chief or Deputy Chief of Operations and kept in a secured location.  No duplicate keys will be made.



The employee will be notified of an inspection unless the notification may compromise the investigation, and offered the opportunity to be present for the inspection where reasonably feasible and timely.


Inspections of the workplace will be conducted by supervisory personnel, except that locker inspections may be conducted by only the Chief or the Deputy Chief. 


Personal property will only be inspected in accordance with the general law.