20.00.070     CRIME SCENE EQUIPMENT      (CALEA 83.2.4)


Officers will be supplied with the equipment necessary to properly process crime scenes in a timely and efficient manner.  To assist with processing of a major accident or large/complex crime scene, the Department has an Accident Investigations Trailer, Accident Investigations Van, and an Investigations Division Van.  The vehicles and trailer are equipped with materials and supplies that can aid in securing, preserving, and processing accident/crime scenes.


Access to the Traffic Unit trailer and Accident Investigations Van should be coordinated through a Traffic Unit supervisor and use of the Investigations Division Van should be coordinated through an Investigations Unit supervisor when possible.


The minimum equipment to be provided to those whose responsibility it is to process scenes will include, but not be limited to, the following:


v     Latent Print Recovery Kits


Latent print recover kits are issued to each Patrol Officer.  Additional Supplies can be obtained by coordinating efforts with their supervisor, the evidence technician program supervisor or any evidence technician.  Detectives will have latent print recovery equipment available in their supply room and in the Investigations Division van.


v     Photography Equipment


Some officers have Department-issued cameras.  Officers not possessing a camera may request one from an evidence technician or another officer.  For enhanced photography capabilities, officers can coordinate with the Investigations Division for access to a variety of cameras or the services of the Department’s contracted professional photographer. 


v     Sketch and Diagram Materials


Both the Traffic Unit and Investigations Division have materials that are available to all personnel to assist them in sketching and/or diagramming a crime or accident scene. 


v     Packaging Materials


These are required to collect and preserve physical evidence.  They are maintained in the evidence room in City Hall, patrol car trunks, and in the Investigations Division Van.


v     Accident Investigation Supplies


Accident Investigation Supplies are located in the Traffic Unit vehicles and in the Accident Investigations Van and Traffic Unit Trailer.  If Patrol Officers have occasion to need additional materials, aside from what is already carried in their vehicles, they can access these items by contacting an on-duty supervisor or Traffic officer.