20.00.050     BODY ARMOR     (CALEA 41.3.5 & .6)


The Department wishes to maximize officer safety through the use of body armor in conjunction with other Department-issued safety equipment and safety procedures.  Wearing of body armor by uniformed personnel, and some sworn officers in plain clothes assignments, shall be mandatory under the conditions explained in the procedures associated with this policy.


Issuing Body Armor


Officers will be issued body armor.  Issued body armor and the Department's replacement procedures will conform with standards prescribed by the Personnel Services Unit with the approval of the Chief of Police.


Use of Body Armor


Commissioned police officers and Police Support Officers, in uniformed assignments, are required to wear the issued body armor while on duty and while in uniform performing authorized off-duty employment unless exempted as follows:


v     When a Department-approved physician determines that an officer has a medical condition that would preclude the wearing of body armor


v     When temporarily exempted by a supervisor or command officer for a period no longer than two work days based upon the determination that circumstances make it inappropriate to mandate body armor


Commissioned officers in a non-uniform assignment are required to wear body armor when:


v     Engaged in police activity involving risk or personal injury, i.e., raid, search warrant, high risk arrests


v     Directed to wear body armor by a supervisor or command officer


During periods of hot weather (80 degrees Fahrenheit or higher), officers, with approval of their supervisor, are authorized to remove the rear armor panel.


Officers will wear only Department-approved body armor.


Officers wearing dress uniforms are not required to wear body armor.


Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that body armor is worn, properly maintained and that replacement is sought for worn or damaged body armor.


Officers are responsible for proper care and maintenance of body armor in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and training received from the Personnel Services Unit


Body armor that is worn or damaged will be replaced as necessary.


Personnel Services Unit Responsibilities


The Personnel Services Unit will be responsible for:


v     Ensuring officers are properly fitted with body armor to allow for as much comfort as possible


v     Reviewing technological advances that may necessitate a change in body armor


v     Training programs that inform the officers about body armor and emphasize its safe and proper use


v     Replacing damaged or unreasonably worn body armor