2.00.120              FIREARMS REVIEW BOARD


The Firearms Review Board will review the circumstances attending each discharge of a firearm by a Department member in exercise of official authority, except those intended shots fired at an approved range for training purposes and those necessary to destroy an animal per Use of Force Policy 1.00.020. The Board will also review the circumstances attending all accidental discharges of a firearm by a Department member, regardless of whether such discharge occurred on or off duty.


The Firearms Review Board will consist of the following members:


v      A deputy Chief appointed by the Chief of Police and designated as the Chairman of the Board.


v      The Commander of the officer who discharged the firearm.


v      The Commander of the Personnel Services Unit.


v      The Department Legal Advisor, as a non-voting member.


v      In the event that any of the above personnel are unavailable, the Chairman of the Board will appoint an alternate to fill such vacancy for the duration of the investigation.


Authority and Duties of the Board


The Chairman of the Board will be appointed forty-eight (48) hours (except weekends and holidays) after the discharge of the firearm and will convene the Board upon conclusion of the internal investigation into such discharge.


v      The board is authorized to review all reports concerning the firing of an officer’s weapon and call before the Board all witnesses necessary to obtain the facts.


v      The Board will decide if the discharge of a firearm was pursuant to existing Department policy.


v      A written report of the Board’s findings and recommendation will be sent to the Chief of Police.


v      In the event that a judicial hearing is to result from the firearms discharge, the Board will not make such written report until the judicial hearing has concluded.