The Department is responsible for the purchase, inventory, destruction, sale and/or trade of firearms that are issued to commissioned personnel.


Definitions -


Firearm – A firearm is defined as any pistol, shotgun, rifle, semi automatic and/or automatic weapon; or any special weapon designated to be a firearm by the Chief of Police.        


Department Armorer – is that officer designated by the Chief of Police to have full charge of the firing range, firearm and weapon equipment and required supplies.  The Department Armorer will be responsible for the complete accounting of all firearms and ammunition. He/She may designate other qualified Officers as firearms instructor(s).


Any firearm purchased or owned by Bellevue Police department will be tracked through the Quartermaster Database.  


All firearm purchases will be processed through the normal City of Bellevue purchasing policies and procedures.


Department employees are not allowed to use the City of Bellevue or Police Department letterhead for the purchase of a personal firearm. 


Firearms purchased by Department employees will not be shipped to or accepted at any Bellevue Police Department facility.


After each semi-annual qualification the Department Armorer will verify the serial number of every firearm, log it, and cross check it with the Quartermaster Database to make sure every officer has the correct weapon. 


The SWAT team Commander is responsible to inventory all weapons issued to the SWAT team. He/She will check all firearms serial numbers semi-annually to insure that issued weapons are accounted for.  These records will be crossed checked and confirmed with the Department Armorer semi-annually. 


When a firearm is no longer functional or useful to BPD it will be returned to the Personnel Services Unit. The Department Armorer will be responsible to log the firearm out of service and record its final deposition as sold, traded or destroyed.


If the firearm is destroyed, that information will entered into the Quartermaster Database to include; who destroyed the weapon, the method of destruction, date and time of destruction, and the authorization of the Personnel Services Unit Commander. 


The private sale of any firearm owned by the City of Bellevue Police Department is strictly prohibited. 


Any sale or trade of any firearms to authorized dealers must first receive the written authorization of the Chief of Police.


The Personnel Services Unit Commander will report any discrepancy of firearm(s) serial numbers and/or inventory immediately to the Chief of Police in writing.