2.00.100    FIREARMS PROFICIENCY        (CALEA 1.3.11)


Annual Review of Use of Force Policy


All Department personnel authorized to carry weapons shall receive in-service training and updates on the Department’s Use of Force Policy.  This training may be part of scheduled in-service training day schedules or incorporated into the semi-annual qualifications required by all personnel authorized to carry weapons.


Semi-Annual Qualification


Commissioned personnel shall quality once every six months, as assigned by the Personnel Services Unit Commander.  All commissioned officers must qualify in the presence of a firearms instructor.  Temporary exemptions from qualification, of up to six months, may be granted by the Chief of Police or the Chief's designee for medical reasons upon submission of a recommendation signed by a physician.


Pistol and Shotgun Qualification Course


The service pistol and shotgun qualification courses will be designed to determine the officer’s familiarity in handling the firearms and to demonstrate the officer’s proficiency in their use.


Each officer must be able to attain the minimum score established by the Personnel Services Section in order to be considered qualified with the service pistol, alternate service pistol, or backup pistol and shotgun.  In addition to the qualifying course, each officer must demonstrate the ability to properly handle and fire their issued firearms under varying light conditions.

Any officer failing to obtain a minimum qualifying score on the pistol qualification course will be immediately rescheduled through the Personnel Services Section for additional training.  Until such time as minimum qualification is achieved, the unqualified officer will not be allowed to function as a salaried police officer.  Once minimum qualification is achieved, an enhanced training schedule will be implemented for the officer by the Personnel Services Section.  The enhanced training schedule will remain in effect until such time as the commander of the Personnel Services Section determines that the officer’s shooting proficiency has improved to the extent that the officer can be returned to the standard training schedule. 


All commissioned officers of the rank of Lieutenant and below will, upon request, receive a total of fifty (50) rounds of practice ammunition per month.


Range Procedures and Use


Safety requires caution on and about the firearms range and continuous attention by all to the careful handling of firearms.  To assure safety, the range will be used only in accordance with current Department procedures.  Department Firearms Instructors, regardless of rank, will be responsible for range safety and discipline.  Directions given by Firearms Instructors are to be followed by all officers when the range is in operation for training and/or qualification.


All persons using the firing range will, at all times, obey posted rules.

The commander of the Personnel Services Section will be responsible for the operation of the firing range and the programming of all firing activities. The Department firing range may be in operation on a 24- hour basis.  A range key will be kept in the Records Unit of the Police Department.  Each Department firearm instructor will also be issued a key to the range.


Range Use by Commissioned Personnel


There will be a minimum of two officers present during all firing.


Until an officer has officially qualified, the accompanying officer must be a Department firearm instructor or a supervisor.


Range Use by Non-commissioned Persons


A firearms qualified law enforcement officer or a firearms qualified City of Bellevue firefighter must be present whenever one or more non-commissioned persons are permitted to use the firing range.


Persons under the age of 18 will not be allowed on/in the range while weapons are being fired.


No more than two non-commissioned persons will be allowed to use the range at any one time.


The Department will not furnish weapons or ammunition for use by any person who is not a commissioned member of this Department except as part of an officially sanctioned training program.


A waiver of liability must be signed by a non-commissioned person attending or using the range. The Personnel Services Section will keep all signed waivers on file. Persons other than family members must sign a waiver each time they attend the range.  The signed waiver of a family member who has completed the Department firearms safety course will

continue to be in effect unless revoked by the Chief of Police.  A list of eligible family members will be kept on file by the Personnel Services Section.


BPD officers who have retired with a minimum of 20 years service with the Department (other than mental related disability) are authorized to use the range.  Retired officers will be subject to all rules except the presence of a commissioned officer is not required.  All other rules herein apply.  There will be a minimum of two persons present during all firing.


Violation of range rules or general firearms safety practices will result in revocation of range privileges.


Range Use by Outside Law Enforcement Agencies


Range use by outside law enforcement agencies will be governed by the provisions of the above policy.