Each officer is personally responsible for the care and storage of the service pistol. The service pistol should be thoroughly cleaned within twelve (12) hours after each firing.

Service pistols and backup firearms will be periodically inspected by a supervisor or rangemaster.


Any mechanical malfunction/defect is to be reported as soon as possible to the Department Armorer for repair.  Repair of officer-owned service pistol and back-up firearms is the sole responsibility of the officer/owner.  Department ordered repairs of these weapons must be completed directly to maintain Department service pistol/back-up pistol authorizations.


The loss or theft of any Department-issued/authorized firearm, weapon or device should be reported as soon as possible, in writing, to the Chief of Police via the chain-of-command.  The report should include the circumstances concerning the loss or theft and include a complete description of the firearm, weapon or device and the serial number.


Officers should not place or store any firearm or weapon where it would be exposed and/or readily accessible to the public, unauthorized persons, or prisoners.


Alteration of Firearms


With the exception of approved replacement stocks or "night sights", service weapons will not be altered without permission from the Chief of Police or the Chief's designee.  Alterations of any kind must be inspected and approved by the Department Armorer.  Elaborate stocks are specifically prohibited.