2.00.020     SERVICE FIREARMS       (CALEA 1.3.9)


Department and officer-owned service pistols will conform to current specifications as established and maintained by the Personnel Services unit.


Officers will be trained and qualified with department owned, alternate, personal and back-up firearms before they may be carried and at regular qualification intervals thereafter. Training and qualification will be conducted by the Department Armorer or a qualified weapons instructor. 


All officers will be armed with a Department-issued, officer-owned or alternate service pistol while on duty.  All service pistols will be carried in a secure manner.


Service pistols will be carried with a round in the chamber, a fully loaded magazine, the hammer down with the trigger forward.  At the officer’s option, the pistols may be carried with the safety (if so equipped) placed in either the “safe” or “fire” position.


Officers should never display a firearm other than in the proper performance of duty.  Firearms should be handled so as not to cause unwarranted danger to oneself, to other employees, to property, to family members, or to the public.


All non-uniformed police officers will carry the service pistol in such manner as authorized by their Commanding Officer.  Non-uniformed police officers will carry at least one extra fully loaded magazine while on duty.


Firearms carried while in civilian clothing will be concealed from the public view except when actually performing a police duty or in or about police facilities.


Officers may be specifically relieved of carrying a firearm by mutual agreement with a command officer to facilitate a special assignment.


Whenever an officer is relieved of duty or requests disability leave, the Chief of Police or his/her designee will consider and may direct that the officer surrender all firearms, weapons and devices in his/her possession.


Police recruits are authorized to carry a firearm only while actually engaged in a training activity.


Alternate Service Pistols


Officers may be authorized to carry a firearm other than the normal Department-issued service pistol when specifically approved by the Chief of Police to facilitate a special assignment.  The alternate service pistol will be Department-issued.



Shotguns are to be used in accordance with the same conditions pertaining to use of the service pistol.  With the exception of emergency situations, loaded shotguns will not be brought into any Department building or facility.  Shotguns will not be carried in the vehicle with a round in the chamber.