19.00.040       ASSIGNED VEHICLES

Definition- “Assigned vehicles” are vehicles needed for a specific law enforcement position or function that requires the vehicle be used off-duty to commute to the employee’s residence (or to a secure location within the distances specified below) either because the employee is in an “on call” status or because such use is needed to accommodate secure garage space limitations.

Recognizing that providing assigned vehicles provides benefits to the community, the Department, and the employee, the following policy establishes guidelines regarding the assignment and use of vehicles that are the property of the City of Bellevue.

Employees who are authorized to use an assigned City vehicle are governed by the following:

1.      Employees in an “on call” status are expected to respond back to the city of Bellevue within 60 minutes of having access to their vehicles.

2.      The vehicle shall only be driven by authorized personnel. Employees may use the vehicle for police business. An employee scheduled in an “on call” status may drive the city owned vehicle during the “on call” period for personal use.

3.      Employees who are not on call may only use the vehicle for personal business while en route to work or from work. Examples include but are not limited to: stopping at daycare, working out at a gym, shopping, or attending an event. Such Employees may travel to an extra duty uniformed job in the City of Bellevue as long as the extra duty job begins or ends within 3 hours of their scheduled work hours for the City and it is on a day that they have worked or will work for the City. During this 3 hour window, the assigned vehicle must remain within the city limits of Bellevue, and no family members or unauthorized passengers are allowed in the vehicle during this 3 hour window.

4.      The employee (whether on-call or not) may carry their spouse/domestic partner and/or their child/children only when commuting to/from City of Bellevue Police Department work. If the airbag on the passenger’s side is disabled, all passengers must ride in the backseat. Child/Children is defined as the employee’s biological, adopted, step, foster, legal wards, domestic partner’s child, or a child of a person standing in loco parentis.

5.      No family members are allowed in the vehicle other than during the employee’s commute to and from City of Bellevue Police Department work whether the employee is on-call or not.

6.      Each employee is responsible for the safe operation and proper care of their assigned vehicle, including arranging for scheduled maintenance at required or appropriate times. If possible, the vehicle should be parked off-street or in secured parking during off-duty hours. The employee will not make any changes or alterations to the vehicle without prior approval of a Deputy Chief or the Chief.

7.      Use of an assigned vehicle shall be voluntary on the part of the employee. The right to deny an assigned vehicle for cause is reserved to the Chief of Police and shall be based on the employee’s misuse of the vehicle and not other job performance of disciplinary reasons.

8.      An employee may be denied an assigned vehicle, regardless of assignment, if in the judgment of the Chief of Police, the employee’s duties and responsibilities do not justify the assignment of a vehicle, provided that this policy is not intended as a waiver of Guild or BPMA bargaining rights.

9.      All state and local laws and Department policies, procedures, rules and regulations concerning vehicle operations and equipment use apply to assigned vehicles.

10.  No employee either on-duty or off-duty shall use that vehicle to visit or patronize any tavern, bar, saloon or similar establishment unless it is in the course and scope of their official duties.

11.  No employee shall operate a city vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants or drugs, or while adversely affected by medical conditions or medication which causes drowsiness, slowed reaction times, vision disturbance or other symptoms impacting driving performance. Any employee experiencing such medical conditions or taking such medications must report the situation to his/her supervisor if operating, or asked to operate, any city vehicle.

In addition to the above, the following sections of this policy apply to members of the Bellevue Police Officers Guild only.

1.      Assigned vehicles will only be allowed to be driven to and from work and home by those employees in eligible positions who live within a 30-mile radius of City Hall that are within King, Pierce and Snohomish County as designated in the map maintained on the Police GIS website. The map is the primary guide. If the driven mileage is greater than 30 miles, the map is the authority. Vehicles will not be assigned to any employee who typically uses a ferry to return to work. Those employees who live outside the distance restrictions shall be allowed to park their assigned vehicle in a department approved public safety facility within the 30-mile radius restriction.

2.      Any expansion to the number of assigned vehicles will be at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

The Operations Deputy Chief of Police will maintain a list of job assignments that are provided an assigned vehicle.