19.00.020     VEHICLE EQUIPMENT      (CALEA 41.3.2)


Marked Police Vehicles


Each marked police vehicle shall be equipped with the following equipment:


Patrol Vehicles 


v      Mounts for Patrol Rifle and Shotgun


v      Twenty 20-minute flares in the trunk


v      One fully charged fire extinguisher in the trunk


v      One blanket (disposable type acceptable) in the trunk


v      One fully stocked first aid kit in the trunk


v      One bottle/can of hand disinfectant


v      One traffic control vest with reflective stripes

v      Blood borne response kit and one AED in the trunk


Traffic Vehicles


Traffic vehicles will be equipped with the above equipment and with the following additional equipment:


v      Traffic control warning sign


v      One additional blanket


v      Traffic cones (minimum of 8)


v      Accident investigation kit


v      One additional traffic control flashlight cone


v      One additional reflective vest


v      Marking paint


v      One traffic tape measure/roll-a-tape


v      One DUI blood draw kit in the trunk




Motorcycles will be equipped with the following:


v      Basic emergency first-aid kit


v      Reflective vest


v      Rain gear


v      Marking crayons or paint


Patrol Supervisor Vehicle


The Patrol Supervisor’s vehicle will carry all of the items carried in a Patrol vehicle plus the following items:


v      One magnum bottle 10% OC spray


v      One command post map of city


v      One tire spike system and/or Stop Stick tire spike system




All vehicles will be inspected for operational readiness by a Patrol Corporal, volunteer, or other designated employee on a monthly basis.  The inspector shall note which items need to be replaced or replenished.  The inspector shall replace or replenish the items from existing stock.  The Corporals shall ensure existing stock is sufficient to replenish the vehicles or shall order necessary new items.