Employees will not use Department vehicles unless they have the consent of a supervisor.


Employees operating Department vehicles will, at all times, drive in a reasonable and prudent manner.  Vehicles used in an emergency capacity will be operated in accordance with RCW 46.61.035 and existing Department policy.




Whenever an employee is operating a Department motor vehicle, he/she will not leave the keys in the vehicle unless he/she is in visual contact with, and in close proximity of such vehicle.  Whenever two or more employees are using a Department vehicle, the driver will be responsible for the security of the vehicle keys.  All vehicles will be locked when left unattended.




Employees operating Department vehicles will not permit passengers to ride except when necessary in the accomplishment of an essential Department task or when authorized by a supervisor.


Citizens Riding as Observers


All requests by persons requesting to ride as observers in Department vehicles will be handled in accordance with the policy on the Department's Ride Along Program 10.8.


Seat Belts   (CALEA 41.3.3)


Employees operating Department vehicles will use the safety belts in all vehicles so equipped, and will require all passengers to use safety belts.