18.00.070     GROOMING      (CALEA 26.1.1)


All uniformed officers are expected to maintain personal grooming that presents a professional law enforcement image. All other employees will be governed by reasonable standards of business-office grooming and general appearance.


Employees shall cover any visible tattoos, brands, body art, or intentional mutilation by wearing the long sleeve uniform shirt, authorized turtleneck, and/or uniform pants. Provided that employees hired before August 16, 2010 may display their visible tattoos existing as of August 16, 2010, the Chief reserves the right to order these officers to cover their tattoos if a complaint is received.  Any visible tattoos obtained or modified after August 16, 2010 shall be covered. 


Employees in non-uniform assignments shall cover any visible body decorations: tattoos, brands, body art, or intentional mutilation by wearing clothing that is authorized for their position.


Officers in undercover assignments may display body decorations: tattoos, brands, or body art, when deemed necessary as part of an investigation with approval of their supervisor.


Employees shall not have;


     Split or forked tongues

     Foreign objects inserted under the skin to create a design or pattern

     Enlarged or stretched out holes in the ears

     Dental ornamentation

     Visible piercings other than those in the ear(s) that present a professional image


Hair will be neatly maintained at all times and worn so as not to be a hindrance to performance of regularly assigned duties.


Sideburns will not extend below the bottom of the ear.  The maximum width at the bottom of the sideburns will not exceed 1-1/2".


Clean-shavenness is required except that mustaches are permitted. Mustaches will be neatly trimmed and will not extend more than 1/2 inch beyond the corners of the mouth and not below the corner of the mouth.


Beards will not be permitted, with the following exceptions:


v      Personnel with a medical condition which precludes shaving will be required to present a written statement, signed by a physician, verifying such condition

v      Personnel assigned to special duty will be exempt from these rules (i.e., undercover narcotic investigation, special intelligence gathering, etc.)


In all cases, this special exemption will be granted by the respective Division Commander.