The Personnel Services Unit (PSU) Commander maintains a list of authorized uniforms, accessories, and equipment issued to employees.  Issued items may depend on assignment.  Employees wishing to obtain a current list of authorized uniform items and equipment should consult this list.


All uniformed officers will maintain their Department-issued uniform and equipment in good condition. Issued clothing will be kept neat and clean and in good repair at all times.


Utility Cap


Refer to the Uniforms and Equipment Registry for authorized utility caps.


The utility cap is only authorized for wear by:


v     Motorcycle Officers while wearing the uniform authorized for that assignment


v     Recruit officers during training only


v     Officers assigned to Special Events, or during hot/inclement weather


v     Special Details such as the Bomb Squad, Hostage Negotiators, and Detectives while engaged in short-term duties exclusive to the detail assigned


Cold Weather Beanie


An optional beanie-style cap may be worn during inclement weather. These caps will be issued by the PSU Quartermaster as needed.



Uniform Jacket


Only issued jackets may be worn with the uniform and will be as described in the RFP.  Specifications for jackets are described in the Quartermaster Reference Manual.


Raid Jacket


A raid jacket, designed to identify the wearer as a police officer at the scene of an unusual event such as a narcotics search warrant or hostage incident, is authorized for officers in plainclothes assignments with the approval of a Section Commander.


The jacket will not be worn with the normal Department Uniform, or replace the Department uniform jacket.  The raid jacket will not be worn off duty.


Gun Belt and Related Equipment


The Department issued gun belt will be worn with the plastic buckle centered at the front of the body.  The gun belt will not be worn in such a manner as to slant down or "sag" towards the ground.


The baton carrier, O.C. Spray carriers, radio holder, and handcuff case(s) may be worn anywhere on the belt but not in such a location that it may hinder the drawing of the pistol.

The TASER may only be carried on the Non-Gun side of the body (belt holster or thigh) and set up for a Non-Gun hand draw.  When carried on a Tactical type vest (i.e. SWAT, ENTF, SET, etc.) the TASER may be carried on either side of the vest but must be set up for a Non-Gun hand draw that is reviewed and approved by the PSU Commander.  These carry restrictions do not apply to Police Support Officers.


Mini-mag or similar appearing flashlight holders may be worn anywhere on the belt but not in such a location that it may hinder the drawing of the pistol or displace any item listed above. The carrier will conform in appearance with the other listed accessories.


Glove holders, pagers, cell phones and small knives may be worn on the belt but not in such a location that it may hinder the drawing of the pistol or displace any item listed above.

Gun belt keepers are authorized and will be worn as necessary to maintain proper appearance.


Any other equipment carried on the pistol belt must have the specific authorization of the Chief of Police.


Alternate Gun Belts


Officers assigned to the Investigations Section and other regular plain clothes details will be equipped with a nylon duty belt to carry the duty pistol, handcuffs, ASP baton and pepper spray.


Gun belts, with equipment, are required when detectives engage in hazardous events such as high risk arrests and warrant service.


Lost, Stolen or Damaged Equipment, Property or Uniform Items


Employees will immediately report to their supervisor the loss, theft, or damage of any department-issued uniform, equipment or property item assigned to or used by them, whether the assignment or use is permanent or temporary.  After the initial advisement, a written report will be completed and forwarded to the employee's Section Commander for review.  

Any claims for damage to clothing or other personal property belonging to the employee, caused by performance on duty, will be reported in writing immediately to the employee’s Section Commander via the chain of command.

Repair of Equipment

With the exception of what would be generally accepted as routine inspection, maintenance and cleaning, employees will not dismantle or attempt to repair any Department equipment unless they are qualified and authorzied to do so.


Re-Issue of Uniform Items


Officers requesting a re-issue of uniform items must submit a "Uniform/Equipment Request" form to the Personnel Services Section. The officer's supervisor and commander will review all such requests and make a determination as to whether the item will be re-issued, repaired, or continued in service.


Change of Rank


Upon the change of rank of any commissioned officer, it will be the responsibility of the Personnel Services Unit to issue the appropriate equipment. Refer to the PSU Uniforms and Equipment Registry for a list of items issued upon promotion.


Upon the termination, retirement or death of a Department employee, it will be the responsibility of the Personnel Services Unit to take possession of all Department-issued equipment.