18.00.030     DRESS UNIFORM


The dress uniform will be issued to all ranks, Lieutenant and above, training officers and the Public Information Officer.  Officers below the rank of Lieutenant may purchase an authorized Dress Uniform from the Department's current uniform vendor(s) at the officer's expense and wear same in accordance with Department procedures.


The uniform will be decorated with an authorized rank insignia and special insignia. The rank insignia (large) will be worn on the epaulet of the blouse (jacket), 1 inch in from the outside seam. On the dress white shirt, the rank insignia (small) will be worn on the collar, 3/4 inch in from the vertical edge of the collar.  The Quartermaster Reference Manual contains pictures of the proper wearing of insignia and the uniform specifications for patches and sleeve rank insignia.


Authorized special insignia, badge, name tag, and shooting badges will be worn on the blouse (jacket) as specified for the uniform shirt.


Longevity stars will be worn on both sleeves of the dress blouse (jacket), above the sleeve rank insignia.


When worn without the dress blouse, the dress shirt will have the badge affixed to it, similar to that as worn on the uniform shirt.


The uniform hat, with authorized braid and hat badge, will be worn per United States military practices, when the dress uniform is worn.


Footwear will be kept highly polished at all times.