17.00.210     RECRUITMENT      (CALEA 31.1.2)


Recruiting and hiring of qualified personnel will be accomplished through a partnership between the Department and Human Resources.  The Department may use outside resources to identify qualified candidates for sworn positions.  In order to proactively identify both entry-level and experienced police officer candidates, the Department maintains a list of those persons interested in law enforcement positions with the police department.  All hiring standards are governed by the rules and regulations of the City of Bellevue Civil Service Commission.


 Equal Employment Opportunity and Recruitment                    (CALEA 31.2.1)


The Department believes in ethnic and gender diversity in sworn and non-commissioned ranks.  It is a goal of this Department to maintain a diversity balance within its ranks.  This will be accomplished through an analysis of the ethnic make-up of the community’s available work force, the recruitment program in cooperation with the Human Resources Department, and by review of statistics available from City, State, and Federal government.

 Equal Employment Opportunity Plan Advertisements/Complaints      (CALEA 31.2.3)


The Department adopts the City’s Equal Employment Opportunity Plan.  A copy of this plan is available to the public and to employees from the Human Resources Department.


To facilitate Equal Employment Opportunity all Department job announcements will provide a description of the duties, responsibilities, required skills, educational requirements, physical requirements, and any other requirements pertinent to the position to be filled.


Recruitment Plan for Full-time Sworn Personnel                    (CALEA 31.2.1 & 2)


The Department’s goal is to recruit and hire qualified persons for sworn positions within the Police Department.  The Department will recruit qualified candidates from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, both male and female, that is consistent with the demographics of the City of Bellevue and in compliance with the City’s Equal Employment Opportunity statement.

The Commander of the Personnel Services Unit (PSU) is responsible for the Recruitment Plan.  The Recruitment Plan will contain the following information: 

1.  Statement of Objectives

2.  Plan of Action designed to achieve the objectives
3.  Personnel responsible for plan administration


 Physical Examinations      (CALEA 22.3.1)


All officers, prior to being employed by the Department, are required to complete a physical examination to determine their ability to perform the basic functions of a police officer.  Physical exams as requested by the Department shall be provided by the Department at no cost to the employee.


 Recruiting Projects


The Department shall conduct the following recruiting projects:


v     Design and distribute recruiting brochures


v     Provide in-service recruiting training to its officers


v     Places advertisements in the media directly or via contracts with outside agencies


v     Drafts duties and qualifications statements for vacant positions


v     Draft its own interview questions and formulate the testing process


v     Conduct applicant interviews and host screening tests


v     Conduct applicant background investigations


 Personnel Assigned to Recruitment Program


Employees assigned to administer and/or participate in recruiting activities shall demonstrate knowledge of those issues critical to the Department's recruiting program.


Recruitment personnel shall receive instruction that includes but is not limited to:


v     Department recruitment needs (current and projected)


v     Familiarization with the City’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy


v     Familiarization with community needs, to include social, political, and economic history, multi-year planning, community organizations, educational institutions, and demographic data


v     Information about the organization, operation, and philosophy of the Department


v     Career opportunities, salaries, benefits, training, and job diversification


v     Applicable federal and state compliance guidelines


v     Techniques of record keeping used to track candidates through the recruiting process


v     Information about the recruitment programs of other jurisdictions


v     Instruction on the selection process (testing procedures/background checks)


v     Duties and qualifications required of candidates, including information on disqualifying characteristics


v     Medical and retirement benefits qualifications


Training will be facilitated by the Personnel Services Unit Commander or his/her designee, with assistance from the Human Resources Department.




Advertisement of entry level and lateral vacancies may be advertised through statewide publications, the City of Bellevue's web page, outside testing agencies and/or other professional periodicals/web pages.


Advertisement for Department  positions may be accomplished via newsprint medium and electronic mediums including the City of Bellevue’s Web page, and/or other professional periodicals/ web pages.


All job/recruitment advertising and all job applications will clearly state that the Department is an equal opportunity employer.


All application filing deadlines, testing procedures and qualifications will be plainly indicated on all announcements and advertisements.


Complaints involving potential violations of EEO rules shall be directed in writing to the Commander of the Personnel Services Unit who will forward the complaint via the chain of command to the Human Resources Department for review.


Recruitment Procedures       (CALEA 31.2.2)


The Department's recruiting brochures, advertisements, and assorted literature will depict the role of women and minorities in law enforcement.


Recruitment personnel may participate in career fairs hosted by varying institutions.  Participation in these recruitment functions is intended to focus on attracting candidates from all ethnic/gender groups pursuing a law enforcement career with the Bellevue Police Department.


To ensure that recruitment goals are met, the Department will recruit from outside its jurisdictional boundaries as necessary.


Regional recruitment is accomplished through position announcements placed in the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission monthly publications that have a circulation extending throughout Washington.  Recruitment information can also be accessed via the City of Bellevue’s web site.

Positions are also announced through advertisements placed in regional law enforcement publications such as The Law Enforcement Digest and through other resources such as out-of-state newspapers and magazines.


The Personnel Services Unit will routinely evaluate the selection tools utilized with the Human Resources Department and insure they are job related and not unfairly biased to any ethnic or gender group.


Reporting Recruiting Progress      (CALEA 31.2.2)


The Personnel Services Unit will continually review the progress in attaining goals set for employment and recruitment as stated in the Department’s recruiting plan.  If it is determined that the number of sworn officers is not in approximate proportion to the make up of available work force, they will develop a plan of action and a timetable for implementation that is designed to meet the objectives as stated above.


On an annual basis, the Personnel Services Unit will report their progress toward meeting their objectives.  If the plan needs to be revised, this will be done in conjunction with the Human Resources Department


Employee Selection - Uniform Administration                    (CALEA 32.1.3 & .4)


The Department recognizes the need for all elements of the selection process of new employees to be completed in a fair and impartial manner.  The standardization of the testing process facilitates this goal.  Testing time limits, oral instructions, practice problems (if any), answer sheets, and scoring formulas shall be uniform and applied identically for all candidates.


Candidates for employment will proceed through each phase of the hiring process with trained individuals applying and interpreting standards in a uniform manner.  Civil service rules will be followed in accordance with state guidelines.


No candidate will be rejected from the hiring process based on minor omissions or deficiencies noted on the application. When recruiting staff identify missing information and a method of contacting the candidate exists, PSU staff will attempt to contact the candidate and request them to supply the missing information.


Storage of Selection Materials      (CALEA 32.1.7)


Prospective police department employee selection materials received and/or generated will be stored in a secure manner while candidates are undergoing the selection process.  It is the responsibility of the individuals that are evaluating a candidate to have the materials kept in either a locked office or a locked file cabinet when they are not in their direct control.


Disposition of Candidate Records      (CALEA 32.1.6)


If a candidate is not selected for prospective employment, their records will be maintained by the Human Resources Department for a period of three years before destruction per Washington State Retention Schedule.


Polygraph Examinations      (CALEA 32.2.5 & 6)


Polygraph examinations are an investigative tool and shall not be used as the sole determinant of employment status.  The information gained from a polygraph will be used in conjunction with all other information available at the time a decision is made to hire or not to hire.  Admissions obtained during a polygraph pretest, test, or post test interview together with other information may be sufficient to support relevant employment status decisions. 

The polygraph will only be administered by a certified polygraphist, whose certification is on file with the Department.


All results from this process are to be considered confidential and viewed/used by appropriate staff only.


Conclusion of Selection Process – Probationary Period                    (CALEA 32.2.10)


As the final part of the selection process, a candidate is offered employment.  If employment is accepted, the new employee shall be subject to a probationary employment period.  All sworn personnel begin their probationary period on the day they receive their commission or are sworn-in by the Chief of Police.  RCW 41.12.100 establishes a three to six month minimum probationary period and provides for longer probationary periods as may be established by Civil Service Commission.  The City of Bellevue Civil Service Commission Rule 4.05 establishes the minimum probationary period as 12 months, with provisions for a six month extension.


Failure to Complete Probation


An “at will” (probationary) employee who has failed to successfully complete their probationary employment period will receive written notification that they are released from their probationary position for failure to satisfactorily complete their probation and the effective date that the probationary position ends.


The employee will receive the status of benefits through the city's Human Resources Department.