17.00.200     GRIEVANCES      (CALEA 25.1.1)


Any grievance filed by a member of the Department will be handled in accordance with existing collective bargaining agreements and/or HR policy.  A review and analysis of the grievance file will be conducted on an annual basis to identify any trends causing grievances


Coordination of Grievances  (CALEA 25.1.2)


Investigation of a grievance will be coordinated by the Deputy Chief of the Division in which the employee is assigned.  This process occurs in cooperation with the employee’s bargaining unit, Human Resources Department, and/or the employee involved.  Every reasonable effort should be made to resolve grievance issues by following the appropriate chain of command.


A record of all grievances will be maintained by the Office of Professional Standards in a secure manner.  This file will be separately identified as "grievance" records.


Annual Analysis of Grievances      (CALEA 25.1.3)


The Deputy Chiefs of the Operations Division and the Support  Services Division are responsible for coordinating the annual grievance file review and analysis for their respective Divisions and will forward their reports to the Chief of Police.


The Chief of Police will review the analyses with the command staff upon completion of the yearly review.  Appropriate measures will be taken to correct grievance-causing issues.


Deadlines for correction and implementation of corrective measures will be established by the Chief of Police in cooperation with the aggrieved employee and/or bargaining unit.


The Chief of Police will issue appropriate memos announcing the corrective measures being taken.  In addition to the normal distribution file, a copy of the memo will be placed in the master grievance file by the Chief’s Administrative Assistant.