17.00.180     OFF-DUTY and EXTRA-DUTY EMPLOYMENT      (CALEA 22.3.4 and 22.3.5)


The Department shall allow off-duty and extra-duty employment upon the approval of the Chief of Police subject to specific limitations.  Department policies and procedures apply to extra-duty employment.




Off-Duty Employment:  Secondary employment, or services, with no nexus to the Department performed by a commissioned officer or professional employee.


Off- Duty Employment includes:  Approved employment that does not require the actual or potential use of law enforcement authority by an off-duty employee.


Extra-Duty Employment:  Employment where sworn personnel are authorized to work in a Bellevue Police uniform, where the actual or potential use of law enforcement powers is anticipated.

Extra-Duty Employment includes:


v      Approved employment that involves the actual or potential use of law enforcement authority by a commissioned police officer.

v      Volunteer work for an agency that has a nexus with the department or the actual or potential use of law enforcement authority by a commissioned police officer.



Employees will not be permitted to engage in off-duty or extra-duty employment without the express authorization of the Chief of Police.


Authorization of off-duty and extra-duty employment is the subject of the following restrictions which are directly related to departmental/employee performance:


v      It will not interfere with the efficiency of law enforcement and public safety

v      It will not interfere with the employees’ performance of regular duties

v      It will not detract from the image of the police profession nor conflict with established Department policies

v      It will not involve work for any employer or in any employment which places demands on the employee’s access to criminal records.  An employee’s access to criminal history databases for off-duty and extra-duty employment is specifically prohibited.

v      It will not involve work for any employer or in any employment which creates a conflict of interest or an appearance of a conflict of interest in violation of Bellevue City Code Chapter 3.90, for example: work as a bail bondsman, private detective, news reporter, etc.

v      It will not involve work in a law enforcement or security capacity outside the corporate limits of the City of Bellevue

v      It will not involve work in conjunction with or in any capacity with a tow company, taxicab or ambulance company

v      A police officer  will not work within any commercial premises where intoxicants are being served for public consumption

v      It will not follow or result in an unusual sick or absence record in any employee’s primary police employment, and time expended in performance of off-duty or extra-duty employment will not exceed time required to be devoted to primary police employment.

Limitations on Off-Duty and Extra-Duty Employment


Those employees, who have not completed their probationary period or who are on medical or other leave due to sickness, temporary disability, or an injury, shall not be eligible to engage in off-duty or extra-duty employment.


Those employees who are on Administrative Assignment shall not be allowed to engage in extra-duty employment.  They may engage in off-duty employment if it complies with their Administrative Assignment.



Lateral police officers joining this Department from other jurisdictions may be exempt from the probationary requirement provided they successfully complete the field training program and all other relevant Department training such as specialized traffic control training.


Employees desiring to work off-duty or extra-duty shall submit an Additional Employment Request form to the Chief of Police via chain of command for approval. 


Employees are subject to call-out in case of emergency, and may be expected to leave off-duty or extra-duty assignments in such situations.


Command officers (Captains and above) will not be authorized to work extra-duty in a BPD uniform.  Employees assigned to ENTF or other long-term undercover details will not be authorized to work extra duty in a BPD uniform.


Extra-Duty security or traffic control by police officers shall be conducted in accordance with these procedures and the current Police Guild contract.  Officers shall be in uniform unless a specific exception is granted by the Chief of Police.  Officers shall be required to successfully complete a Department approved traffic control class before approval is granted to control/direct traffic.


Officers working extra-duty employment involving security or traffic control must sign on with NORCOM prior to starting any extra-duty employment and sign off when leaving the extra-duty job.


Solicitation of extra-duty employment will be conducted in an ethical and professional manner and will not be conducted to create any impression or appearance of undue influence either for or against the potential employer by the soliciting employee or the Department.


Those companies approved to coordinate the extra-duty employment with the City of Bellevue are responsible for documentation of all extra-duty work including who worked, location, date, and time of employment.


All off-duty and extra-duty approvals are kept in the office of the Chief of Police.  A Patrol Captain is assigned as the primary designated coordinator to oversee adherence to this policy.


Permission for employees to engage in any off-duty or extra-duty employment may be revoked by the Chief of Police where it is determined that such off-duty or extra-duty employment is not in the best interest of the Department.