Bellevue officers enter the Department as Police Recruits and will not exercise police authority.  Upon successful completion of basic law enforcement training, they are sworn in as Bellevue Police Officers.


Basic law enforcement training for Police Recruits consists of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission (WSCJTC), Basic Law Enforcement Academy (BLEA) or WSCJTC Basic Equivalency Training Academy, and in accordance with RCW 43.101.200 & Title 139 WAC.  Basic training also includes Department orientation training and field training.


The Department through the Personnel Services Unit, maintains liaison with the WSCJTC, and provides feedback as appropriate.


The Department, upon request of the Commission, may, with approval of the Chief of Police, provide instructors or other resources to the BLEA or Equivalent Training Academy.


WSCJTC Academy training, including staffing, facilities, instructors, materials, supplies and other resources are the responsibility of the WSCJTC.


Except for any gross negligence, illegal or malicious conduct, the Department assumes all responsibility for its personnel being trained at the WSCJTC Academy.


Instruction on Department Policies and Procedures                  (CALEA 33.2.4)


All Police Recruits will receive instruction concerning Department Policies and Procedures and Rules and Regulations during the orientation phase of recruit training.


This instruction will be conducted by the Personnel Services Unit staff and will occur prior to or upon completion of Basic Law Enforcement Academy Training and in any event, prior to the recruit being sworn in and commissioned as a police officer.


Basic Training Orientation


BLEA and Equivalency Training Academy orientation is the responsibility of the WSCJTC.  Department orientation training will be coordinated by the Personnel Services Unit staff.


At a minimum, Department orientation training will include:


v     Ethics


v     The organization and philosophy of the Department


v     Training goals and expectations


v     Training, rating, testing and evaluation system


v     Physical fitness and proficiency skill requirements


v     Daily training schedules


v     Policies and Procedures


All officers must successfully complete the Field Training Officer program as specified by the Department.