17.00.110     PROBATIONARY STATUS      (CALEA 34.1.7)


RCW 41.12.100 establishes a minimum probationary period for all sworn personnel who are promoted.  In accordance with City Policies and Procedures (HR P&P 7.1, Civil Service Rule 2.11) the Department has established a 12 month probationary period for employees.


The Department has the option of returning any person serving in a probationary status to the previous rank or position, at any time during their probationary period.


Failure to Complete Probation

This section applies to newly hired employees prior to attaining permanent employment status with the City.


An “at will” (probationary) employee who has failed to successfully complete their probationary employment period will receive written notification:


v      That they are released from their probationary position for failure to satisfactorily complete their probationary employment period


v      Effective date that the probationary position ends


The employee can receive the status of fringe and retirement benefits through the city's Human Resources Department.