17.00.070     ROTATIONAL ASSIGNMENTS        (CALEA 16.2.3)


The Bellevue Police Department has limited opportunity for assignment rotation.  Assignment rotation is available to enhance employee training, experience and to improve the overall service capabilities of the Department.  All rotational positions are lateral movement assignments.


Rotational opportunities exist in the following areas:

v      Commissioned Section Commanders


Commissioned Section Commanders may be moved from one Section within the Police Department to another at the Chief of Police’s discretion.  Rotations typically occur at three-year intervals unless a commander has developed a project expertise and must be kept in position until an assignment is completed.


v      Captains


Police Captains may apply for one rotational position in the Eastside Narcotics Task Force as Task Force Commander.  Time in this position is not to exceed three years without permission from the Chief of Police.


v      Lieutenants


Police Lieutenants (commissioned supervisors) may apply for one rotational position in the Eastside Narcotics Task force.  Time in this position is not to exceed three years without permission from the Chief of Police.


v      Officers


Police Officers may apply for one of four rotational positions in the Eastside Narcotics Task Force.  Time in this position will not normally exceed three years.  With approval of the unit/section and the supervisor, the time in position may extend one additional year.  With the approval of the Chief of Police the time in position may be extended to a fifth year.


Position openings are announced inter-departmentally via the “Off the Cuff” email newsletter.  Selection is based on specified training, experience, and criteria based on the needs of the position noted in the announcement.  The testing format will be established by the Unit or Section Commander and Supervisor and other personnel selected to assist.  The recommendation for selection is forwarded to the Chief of Police for final approval and issuance of a personnel transfer order.


At certain times, personnel are assigned to a rotation position based on the needs of the department, training, workload, or other necessary reasons.  Command level authority is required for placing personnel in temporary rotational positions.  These requests must be approved by the appropriate Commander(s) and will usually be for a part time or limited duration given staffing and organizational needs.


Unless otherwise specified through permission by the Chief of Police, promotion or permanent transfer to another assignment, personnel exiting a rotation position will return to the Patrol Section.


Personnel working in rotational assignments may be reassigned at any time to accommodate the needs of the Department.


For performance evaluations and rotation out of an assignment, the anniversary date is defined as the date upon which the employee is assigned to start in that unit.


Positions within the Police Department common to governmental agencies and which require skills other than those of a commissioned officer shall be designated as professional and will be staffed accordingly.  This policy shall not preclude the use of commissioned officers in such positions for purposes of training or in the event of an urgent or emergency situation.


Commissioned officers will not be permanently assigned to those positions commonly staffed by professional personnel.  An evaluation of professional positions within the Police Department is included in the biennial budget planning and staffing resource allocation materials.