17.00.050     VACANT POSITIONS


Periodically, assignments or positions will open due to retirements, resignations, transfers, new positions or extended periods of absence.  These assignments will be filled in accordance with this procedure.


This procedure is applicable to assignments, including transfers from one Division or Section to another, and assignments to specialized units such as SWAT.  This procedure does not apply to employee promotions, which are governed by Civil Service Rules and Regulations, Human Resource Department rules, and/or union contracts.  This procedure also does not apply to the transfer of supervisory/command personnel.


The Chief of Police has the final authority over personnel transfers.  The Chief may use his/her discretion in temporarily reassigning personnel without violating the personnel transfer policy.  The best interest of the Department will be the primary consideration in all transfers of assignment.  The Chief will make the final decision as to who is assigned, where, and for what period of time.


Employees on probation are not eligible for transfers, unless granted an exemption by the Chief.


Employees transferring out of the Eastside Narcotics Task Force will not be eligible to apply to the Eastside Narcotics Task Force until one year from their date of transfer.


Employee movement within the Department during their career will be documented through use of an Executive Order.  A copy of this order will be kept by the Chief’s Administrative Assistant in the Chief’s office in each employee’s file folder along with other pertinent employment and salary information.  This folder is available for viewing by the employee upon request.


 Vacancy Assignment


Whenever an assignment is vacant, the applicable Section Commander of the unit with the vacancy will request approval from the Chief of Police to fill the vacancy.


If authorized, an announcement will be posted soliciting applicants for the assignment.  The announcement will be made a minimum of ten days before the selection and will include:


v     Assignment description, responsibilities and qualification


v     Length and type of experience required, which shall be a minimum of three years law enforcement experience unless otherwise approved by the Chief of Police. This does not apply to the Crowd Control Team.


v     Formal education required


v     Information on applying and any special instructions


v     To whom the application must be directed


v     The final date by which the application must be received


Applicants may be required to submit a resume outlining their experience and abilities, recommendations and information regarding past work performance.


Applicants applying for assignment to SWAT, Bomb Squad, Bicycles, K-9, or as designated by the Chief of Police, will be required to pass a physical ability test, and/or a physical examination by a physician, as part of the selection process.




The Section Commander to whom applications are directed shall establish an interview board to interview applicants.  The interview board will consist of:


v     The Section Commander, or his/her designee, will act as chairperson of the board


v     A commander/manager or first-line supervisor of the Section/Unit to which the assignment is to be made


v     An employee (non-supervisor) knowledgeable in the duties of the particular assignment


v     A supervisor or employee (non-supervisor) from other than the Section/Unit to which the assignment is to be made


Interview Board members are responsible to:


v     Conduct any inquiries regarding the candidate’s performance or other issues prior to the interviews


v     Inquire into each applicant’s qualifications and aptitude for the particular assignment being sought


v     Evaluate any written material that is required to be produced by the applicant


v     Stop the interview if there is any behavior by a candidate or a board member that could disqualify the candidate or invalidate the interview and immediately address that behavior  


v     If there is observed behavior that cannot be corrected to the satisfaction of the interview board members at the time of the test, an appropriate request for an investigation should be made


v     No appointment should be made to the position until after the investigation (if one has been ordered) has been completed


v     Determine if each applicant is qualified or not qualified for the assignment and where more than one applicant is interviewed, rank them by order of finish


Board members are not to discuss the interview except during feedback sessions or as requested by the Commander or Commander’s designee. Based on the Interview Board results, the Commander of the section/unit with a vacancy or the Commander’s designee is responsible to:


v     Submit the names of qualified candidates to the Chief of Police


v     Meet with the Chief of Police and review the strengths and weaknesses of each qualified candidate


v     In a timely manner, make the selection


v     Notify the selected employee


v     When possible, notify applicants not selected prior to the announcement of the selection


v     Offer and arrange for interview feedback if requested by the applicants