17.00.040     PROMOTIONS      (CALEA 34.1.1)


As supervisory, command and administrative positions become available, the Department will call upon the experience and desire for advancement of employees within its ranks to fill promotional positions.  Promotional opportunities may occur for a number of reasons, including retirement and/or the creation of new positions.  Eligible employees will be encouraged to explore law enforcement career opportunities offered by promotion.


Department Role


The Human Resources (HR) Department coordinates and administers the testing of candidates in the promotion process in accordance with Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations for sworn promotional positions and the City of Bellevue Policies and Procedures.


When the need arises, the Chief of Police or designee will provide timely notification to HR of the Department's intent to initiate a promotional examination process.


Upon receiving authorization to conduct a promotional examination, Department personnel assigned to the task will coordinate with HR to construct the examination.  The Department may elect to construct all or part of the examination "in-house" or contract all or part of the examination process to outside public or private organizations.


Authority and Responsibility


The Chief of Police administers the Department's role in the promotion process.  Only the Chief of Police has the authority to promote personnel within the Department.


The Chief of Police may designate a person to be responsible for appropriate liaison activities with the HR Department for each promotional process the Department undertakes.  This person will typically be the current Commander of the Personnel Services Unit. 


Job Descriptions


It is the policy of the Bellevue Police Department to set minimum entry level requirements for prospective employees.  These requirements and the job descriptions of the Department will be maintained in the City Human Resources Department.


Promotion Procedures        (CALEA 34.1.3)


HR maintains information governing the procedures used for the promotion, including those for:


v     Evaluating the promotional potential of candidates


v     Administering written tests (if applicable)


v     Use of assessment centers for promotional purposes


v     Determining promotional eligibility for vacancies where lateral entry is permitted


v     When the Chief of Police anticipates a use of the “Rule of Three,” conducting oral interviews prior to appointment to probationary status


v     Defining probationary periods


All procedures used in the promotional process will be job-related and nondiscriminatory.  HR, in conjunction with the Department, will ensure that all promotional processes satisfy professional, legal, and administrative standards.


Security of Promotional Test Materials        (CALEA 34.1.3)


All test materials are confidential.  Test materials will not be shown to or shared in any way with prospective promotional candidates.


While under development, all test materials will be secured in a locked desk or file cabinet by the person in charge of developing the materials.


After development but prior to actual testing, the Commander of the Personnel Services Unit will ensure that all testing materials are kept in a secure manner to prevent unauthorized access.


During promotional testing, the command staff person placed in charge of the process will be responsible for maintaining promotional test materials security to ensure that there is no unauthorized access.


After promotional testing is complete, all materials will be given to HR and this Department will ensure that all materials are stored in a secure manner.


Promotional Test Announcements        (CALEA 34.1.5)


HR publishes written announcements of the promotional process made available to employees.  The announcements include:


v     A description of the position(s) for which the examination(s) is being held;


v     A statement of eligibility requirements; and


v     A schedule of dates when orientation will be offered to address all elements of the promotional process.


Eligibility List      (CALEA 34.1.6)


Upon completion of the examination process, a promotional eligibility list will be established in accordance with Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations and/or the City of Bellevue Personnel Code.


Criteria considered in the development of eligibility lists include:


v     The numerical weight, if any, assigned to each eligibility requirement;


v     The system of ranking eligible employees on the lists;


v     Time in grade, and/or time in rank eligibility requirements if applicable; and,


v     The duration of the list


Use of Eligibility Lists      (CALEA 34.1.3)


Criteria and procedures for the use of eligibility lists are in accordance with Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations and/or the City of Bellevue Personnel Code.


Promotion lists for commissioned personnel generally remain in effect for one year.


The HR Department will provide written certification of eligibility lists to the Chief of Police.


The Chief of Police is allowed to apply the "Rule of Three" to promotional selection.  A candidate to fill a single promotional position may be selected from any one of the top three (3) eligible candidates.


The Chief of Police will notify the HR Department, in writing, of those candidates who have been promoted.


A fair and objective transfer process for employees provides an opportunity to transfer to lateral assignments within the Department.  Transfers of assignment are permitted for the betterment of the employee and in the best interest of the Department.


Review and Appeal Process      (CALEA 34.1.3)


An employee is permitted to review and appeal a decision adverse to his/her eligibility to compete for appointment to a promotional vacancy.


Administrative procedures for examination appeals are outlined in Civil Service Rules and Regulations and the City of Bellevue Personnel Code.  All appeals must be made consistent with these procedures.


The Department, in conjunction with HR will provide an opportunity for each candidate to review the components of the completed examination process.


Employees failing to meet eligibility or failing to be promoted are permitted to reapply and retest the next time a promotional examination is conducted.


Promotional Process Evaluation


Promotional tests are conducted on an as-needed basis rather than on a fixed yearly schedule.  Each promotional process receives individual review.  Upon completion of each promotional process, the Department and HR evaluate the entire process to make sure that all legal and functional criteria are met.


Any revisions or updates necessary to the process are agreed to by both the Department and HR and where relevant, the Civil Service Commission.