16.00.260      VOLUNTEER PROGRAM      (CALEA 16.4.1)


The Department has an ongoing volunteer program that will match interested citizens to needed tasks within the organization.  This unit is managed by a Program Coordinator who reports directly to the Administrative Services Major. 


The Bellevue Police Department’s Volunteer Program is established within the Department to provide services and programs that can be accomplished by trained civilian volunteers.  These civilian volunteers are not fully commissioned as law enforcement officers and are not assigned duties requiring a sworn status.  Civilian volunteers are an adjunct resource to police personnel and can assist to augment assignments or tasks that do not require fully commissioned officers or classified civilian positions. 


Volunteers are defined as civilians affiliated with the Department in a part-time, non-sworn capacity, without compensation.  Their duties do not warrant the level of training required by commissioned personnel.


Volunteers may be qualified to receive an appointment, with a limited commission, to issue notices of infractions for disabled parking and fire lane parking violations.  These volunteers will be required to complete the designated training successfully and be appointed by the Chief of Police as per the legal mandates of the law.


The guidelines for the Volunteer Program can be found in The Volunteer Program Handbook.


The Bellevue Police Department Volunteer Program Coordinator coordinates, facilitates, and oversees all volunteer assignments.  Volunteers may be assigned to special (short-term/temporary) assignments, as well as ongoing assignments that require a minimum of a one-year commitment.  A Bellevue Police Department supervisor and the Volunteer Program Coordinator will authorize all volunteer requests.


The Volunteer Program Coordinator will prepare a written job description for all volunteer assignments, which will include an outline of the duties, qualifications, and training requirements of the assignment.  The Volunteer Program Coordinator will prepare and maintain, in the Bellevue Police Department Volunteer Job Description Binder, a written job description for every volunteer assignment.  All new job descriptions will be provided to the bargaining units for review.  All job descriptions will be revised and updated by the Volunteer Program Coordinator to reflect significant changes in duties, qualifications, and training required for the volunteer assignment, and then authorized by the task supervisor.


Volunteers are recognized at designated service milestones for their support in assisting with on-going and/or special projects anywhere in the Department.  In addition, special recognition can be given at any time upon supervisor request.


The Volunteer Program has a targeted ongoing recruitment program to attract interested citizens to fill defined department needs.


The recruitment, selection, placement, and general oversight of department volunteers will be performed by the Volunteer Program Coordinator.  Day-to-day supervision is the responsibility of the designated task supervisor.


Volunteers are required to abide by the Bellevue Police Department’s Policies and Procedures, Rules and Regulations, Code of Ethics, Values, and the City of Bellevue Personnel Manual, where applicable.


Each volunteer will be responsible for reporting their volunteer hours each month to their immediate supervisor, who in turn will submit those hours to the Volunteer Program Coordinator.  The Volunteer Program Coordinator will maintain all records of volunteer hours and report them on an annual basis to appropriate Section and Unit Commanders.


Volunteer Training Programs      (CALEA 16.4.2)


All Department volunteers will receive a general orientation on the nature and purpose of the Department, an orientation on the nature and operation of the program or activity they are assigned to, and a specific orientation on expectations and requirements of the assignment, which they are accepting in that effort.


Volunteers will receive classroom training and “hands-on” training to provide them with the information and skills necessary to perform their volunteer assignments.  Volunteers will be specifically instructed in department policy and procedures that apply to their assignment.  In-service training, on effective volunteer utilization, will be available to department staff involved in working with volunteers.



Volunteer Uniforms      (CALEA 16.4.3)


All Bellevue Police volunteers will be required to wear a Volunteer ID badge, with picture and personal identification, whenever they are in the department or on an approved and authorized volunteer assignment.  

Except for Parking Enforcement Volunteers, all civilian volunteers will wear civilian clothing.  Clothing worn shall be consistent with Department policy for non-sworn employees and in accordance with the professional image of the Bellevue Police Department.

Parking Enforcement Volunteers will wear only the approved uniform that is distinctive from the uniform worn by sworn officers, and which clearly identifies them as volunteers.  When in uniform and on patrol, each Disabled Parking Enforcement volunteer will be required to wear a special ID badge which designates them as specially commissioned civilian volunteers (RCW 46.16.381).