16.00.240    CITIZEN AWARDS


The purpose of this policy is to provide criteria for the Citizen Law Enforcement Merit Award.


The Department wishes to recognize citizens who provide exceptional support and assistance to the Police Department in carrying out its law enforcement responsibilities through its Citizen Award Program.


Award Eligibility


A citizen who is not a paid staff member of the Bellevue Police Department who:


v     Assists, acts, or cooperates with the Department in a manner above and beyond what normally would be expected in the apprehension of a suspect or suspects involved in the commission of a crime or,


v     Performed exceptional service or act(s) of bravery directed toward the safety and welfare of others or,


v     Performed on-going community service which demonstrates outstanding devotion and excellence in civil responsibility related to law enforcement or,


v     Provided exceptional service and assistance of the Police Department in its overall mission of serving the law enforcement needs of the community.




Any employee of the Bellevue Police Department can nominate a citizen for this award.  The nomination shall include:


v     A written account of the event(s) and/or act(s) for which the nomination is being made and how they relate to the criteria.  Any relevant documents should be attached.


v     The nomination will be forwarded via the chain of command to the Chief of Police for approval




The award recipient shall be entitled to the following:


v     Civilian Law Enforcement Merit Award Certificate contained in an embossed certificate holder accompanied by a detailed description of the act for which the award is being given


v     A framed photograph capturing the award presentation


v     The award will be presented by the Chief of Police or his/her designee at a City Council meeting or at the annual awards ceremony


v     The Public Information Officer will be responsible for coordinating award materials, scheduling and publicity