Officers are required to make a reasonable effort to locate the respondent if GOA.  If officers are unable to locate, return the entire packet to Records.


Officers should make reasonable efforts to serve certified copies of domestic violence protection orders, or anti-harassment orders.  The order should be served even if the order is not yet in WACIC or the order is from a foreign jurisdiction.


When serving court orders, the officer will receive a packet of papers that may include a temporary order with a petition for protection, a permanent order, a notice of hearing, a re-issuance of a temporary order, a Law Enforcement Information Sheet and a Return of Service.


Upon receipt of the packet, the officer should:


v      Review the Law Enforcement Information Sheet for officer safety and physical description information.


v      Review the Order to determine the restraints.




Verify the identity of the respondent.  Correct or fill in any omissions in the Law Enforcement Information Sheet.  Give the respondent the Order, the Petition, and the Notice of Hearing.


DO NOT GIVE the respondent the Law Enforcement Information Sheet, the Motion, and Order for Waiver of Fees or the Return of Service Form.


Do READ or point out to the respondent the prohibitions/required provisions, the hearing date, and the criminal sanctions for violation of the order.


After Service


Note on the petitioner’s copy (if not used as the service copy) the date, time and location of service, your name, and Badge Number, and leave with the petitioner.


If the petitioner’s copy had to be served, put this information, plus the court, case number, type of order and issue date on a business card and leave it with the petitioner.  Encourage the petitioner to obtain another certified copy from the issuing court.


Clear the call with the appropriate code and return the completed notice of service to Records with the law enforcement information sheet and the motion for Waiver of fees, if any.