16.00.200     CIVIL PROCESS      (CALEA 74.2.1) 


Department members shall not serve any civil process except Domestic Violence Protection Orders, Anti/Harassment Orders, Truancy Orders, At Risk Youth Orders (ARY), and Children in Need of Services Orders (CHINS).   Truancy warrants may not be served on a child inside of school during school hours in a location where other students are present.  Department members shall refer all requests to serve other types of civil process to the Civil Process Unit of the King County Sheriff’s Office (206-296-3800).


Patrol Officers may assist in the execution of a writ by providing back-up as directed by the Civil Officer.


Officers should not serve or execute any extraordinary writs.  The two most likely to be seen are Writs of Habeas Corpus and Writs of Restitution.  These are handled by the King County Sheriff’s Office Civil Unit.  Family Violence Detectives handle these orders with the King County Sheriff’s Office.


Department members should not give legal advice or express opinions as to the merit of civil issues.