When responding to reported labor disputes, members of this department shall remain neutral and impartial toward all involved parties.  The Department’s goal in these matters is to keep the peace, to collect the facts and determine if a criminal violation has occurred.  Officers who witness a criminal violation are expected to take the appropriate enforcement action.  A supervisor shall respond to all reported incidents involving labor disputes that are in-progress.


In responding to a complaint or an incident involving criminal trespass between parties to a current collective bargaining agreement:


v     An on-duty Patrol supervisor will respond as well as necessary officers


v     Department personnel will adopt an impartial and neutral attitude concerning the legal position of labor and management and will not attempt to interpret the collective bargaining agreement


v     Upon a reasonable showing that a current collective bargaining agreement exists between the parties, members of the Department should consider the circumstances a civil dispute and not a criminal matter


v     An officer may remain at the scene to keep the peace as directed by a supervisor


In responding to a complaint of violence or property damage, a supervisor and an officer will respond to the scene to keep the peace.


If an act of assault or property damage takes place within an officer's presence, an officer may act as required, including arrest.


If an act of misdemeanor assault or property damage is alleged after the fact, an officer will take statements from all concerned and refer the matter to the City Prosecutor for review.


Felony crimes will be fully investigated and arrests made as may be appropriate.