16.00.170     DEPARTMENT FORMS ACCOUNTABILITY                   (CALEA 11.4.2 & 82.3.5)


The Records Unit maintains forms that are available to all personnel who may generate a report, for example, offense reports, supplemental reports, traffic collision reports, arrest reports, property reports, prosecution reports, and other miscellaneous reports and forms.

The Department
uses a variety of forms to document the transfer of monies or property, criminal and non-criminal, and other necessary transactions requiring a means of tracking.  The Department shall develop and utilize various control methods to ensure accountability for certain Departmental transactions and records.  The forms management function is designed to ensure that only necessary and essential forms are retained in use and that all others are eliminated.


The Administrative Services Section Commander is responsible for developing and implementing procedures to ensure the accountability of all Department forms, including the establishment of a written record of all forms, and subsequent form revisions.


The Records Unit is responsible for maintaining a list of all Departmental forms, and monitoring the need for a particular type of form.  A master file containing an original copy of each form in use shall also be maintained.


The review process for new or modified forms shall include personnel in the components who will use and process the forms.  All forms will be reviewed and evaluated on an annual basis.  Report writing instructions and materials shall be updated as necessary.


The final approval for all new or modified forms shall rest with the Chief of Police or designee.

All departmental forms are securely stored in the Records Unit work area or in electronic format.  The inventory is checked regularly for an adequate supply.  Department forms are ordered as needed from the printing facility.

SECTOR (Statewide Electronic Collision and Tickets Online Records) client software maintains an inventory of ticket numbers per officer.  An electronic AUDIT is kept for all ticket numbers downloaded per officer.


Accountability of certain Department reports and forms will be maintained in the following manner:


v     Operational units will forward original investigative copies to Records in a timely manner (daily or weekly) and retain investigative copies for continuing follow up use.  Case reports and arrest reports will be sent to Records as soon as they have been completed.  Follow-up reports and supplemental reports can be sent as soon as practical, however, as a case becomes inactivated, all case files will be sent to Records for filing.  Sensitive or confidential investigative reports, i.e., intelligence, vice, narcotics, are maintained by the appropriate division and forwarded to Records on completion, if applicable to the Records Division function.


v     Serialized receipts shall be utilized for all cash financial transactions.


v     A progressive numbering system shall be used to identify and account for official reports of incidents and offenses.


v     Serialized citations for parking, traffic, criminal and ordinance violations shall be utilized.


v     Any serialized form listed above which is lost or destroyed shall be reported to a supervisor.  The Records Unit shall issue uniform traffic citation/notice of infraction forms and shall list the starting and ending serial numbers.  The Office of Professional Standards Commander shall issue serialized numbers for each complaint or internal investigation.


v     The Records Unit shall issue uniform traffic citation/notice of infraction forms and shall list the starting and ending serial numbers for officers not using the electronic citation and infraction SECTOR database.


v     The Administrative Services Section Commander is responsible for audits of skipped or missing traffic citations/NOI’s and is to notify the Administrative Services Deputy Chief, in writing, of these citations so that follow-up can be initiated.