16.00.160     DEPARTMENT GOALS AND OBJECTIVES                    (CALEA 15.2.1 & 2)


To ensure direction and unity of purpose, and serve as a basis for measuring progress, written goals and objectives will be developed by the Department and each individual Section or Division on an annual basis.  This may be accomplished in the form of proposal documents submitted in the COB Budget One process.


As part of the City’s biennial budget process, the Chief of Police or the Chief's designees shall formulate a comprehensive statement of Department goals and objectives for the upcoming two year period.  The timing will allow for the development of Division level goals and objectives.  Prior to the beginning of the second year of the biennial budget, a review will be conducted to modify goals and objectives due to changed circumstances.


As part of the City’s biennial budget process, subsequent to the Chief's statement of goals and objectives, Section Commanders shall formulate written statements of goals and objectives for their respective Sections.  This information will be the foundation for development of Division goals and objectives.  This process must include solicitation of input from all employees to whom the goals and objectives apply.  Adequate time shall be allowed for this feedback process.


On an annual basis, the Deputy Chief of the Administrative Services Division will oversee a staff retreat that will plan for the goals, objectives, and work initiatives of the upcoming year.  Planning tools that are utilized for goal development may include the previous year’s attained or unattained goals, information gathered from Operations staff on crime trends and needed resources to deal with them, and advancement in technology that can assist in addressing the Department’s ability to prevent crime and prosecute criminals.  Much of this work initiative should be coordinated with the biennial budget preparation.


As a byproduct of this staff planning retreat, annual goals will be developed, the Department’s strategic plan will be updated, and information needed to plan for any upcoming budget preparation will be documented.  The Strategic Plan and goals and objectives are available to all agency personnel.


In addition to this annual review and planning process, crime trends, population growths, community developments, and community sensitive issues may be identified that were not previously identified.  On an as needed basis, the Deputy Chief of the Administrative Services Division, an additional Command Officer and support staff can be assigned to research a given issue and develop an action plan to meet the policing needs of the event or initiative.


 Evaluating Progress


Each Section Commander shall submit to the Chief of Police via the chain of command an annual written section evaluation that details the progress that has been made by the Section and each organizational component therein toward the attainment of goals and objectives; special emphasis should be focused on performance measures related to the Department's Budget One proposals.


These reports may be submitted in conjunction with the annual Section written statements detailing upcoming goals and objectives.


During the course of the year, the Chief of Police may require periodic updates of progress toward goals and objectives.