16.00.130     OFFICIAL CREDENTIALS      (CALEA 22.2.7)


It is the intent of the Bellevue Police Department that all employees receive a photographic identification card upon employment.   Identification cards ensure the public can identify law enforcement officers and be certain that the person they are dealing with is in fact an officer. The Personnel Services Unit will design and issue the cards.  The cards will clearly indicate whether the employee is commissioned or professional staff. 


On duty employees shall keep their identification card immediately available.  Upon request, employees shall display their identification card in a polite and courteous manner.  Employees working in an undercover capacity will not keep their identification cards on their person and need not display it upon request.   

When conducting official business by telephone, commissioned and professional staff will clearly identify themselves as employees of the Bellevue Police Department unless such identification would hinder an investigation or the employee is acting in an undercover capacity.   


Official credentials issued to employees by the Department will be used by the employee only in connection with official business.  An employee will not use another employee’s badge without permission of a command officer; nor will an employee knowingly permit any person not employed by the Department to use his/her credentials.