16.00.110     HONOR GUARD


The Department shall maintain an Honor Guard Unit.  The Unit shall consist of selected, volunteer officers who are expected to maintain the highest levels of uniform appearance and ceremonial skills.  The Department Honor Guard will train, plan for, and participate in, various approved local and regional ceremonial events.  It shall be the primary mission of the Department Honor Guard, to represent the professional image and reputation of the Bellevue Police Department at these events.


The Honor Guard shall provide official Department representation at ceremonial occasions as directed by the Chief of Police or his/her designee.  These occasions may include, but are not limited to:


v     Officers killed in the line of duty


v     Officers that die during service


v     Officers that die after retirement


Out-of-Agency Services


Participation or attendance at services for officers killed in the line of duty shall be limited to the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Vancouver, BC, unless prior approval from the Chief of Police or his/her designee is obtained.


Out-of-agency services shall be limited to the City of Bellevue and its most immediate neighbors (e.g. Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, and Mercer Island) unless prior approval from the Chief of Police or his/her designee is obtained.


Unit Structure


The Honor Guard shall consist of an Honor Guard Administrator (Captain), an Honor Guard Commander (Lieutenant) and nine commissioned members. Commissioned members may be from any Section within the Department.  Membership in the Honor Guard is voluntary.


Honor Guard Administrator


A Patrol Section Captain will be responsible for the overall administration of the Honor Guard and shall serve as Department Coordinator for any officer funeral.


Honor Guard Commander


A Lieutenant assigned to the Honor Guard unit will be responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, training, directing, controlling, and coordinating all ceremonial Honor Guard functions.  The lieutenant shall serve as Detail Commander or shall designate a Detail Commander.


Detail Commander


The Detail Commander shall be responsible for:


v     The overall operation of the Honor Guard at a particular event


v     Assignment of personnel to a detail


v     Formal notification to the Honor Guard Administrator of the assigned personnel


v     Making arrangements for transportation, equipment, lodging, expenses


v     Operation and completion of the detail, i.e., inspection of personnel and equipment, compliance with policies and procedures, rules and regulations, ceremonial protocol


Honor Guard Assignment Criteria


The following are the requirements for assignment to the Honor Guard:

v     Satisfactory completion of the police officer probationary period.


v     Overall meets/exceeds standards on the last annual work performance appraisal prior to application.


v     No excessive sick time usage or excessive tardiness for work.


v     Supervisor recommendation.  The applicant may submit a written recommendation from his/her supervisor approving the officer’s application for assignment to the Honor Guard.  However, not receiving a written recommendation may not be used in making the final determination.  Supervisors should consider the applicant’s work and attendance records.


v     No sustained finding related to Department charges that would tend to bring dishonor to the Honor Guard for the 12 months preceding the application and no disciplinary action pending at the time of application


v     Willingness and ability to respond to Honor Guard assignment, training, and other details with minimal notice.


v     Successful completion of an oral board interview.




Even though membership in the Honor Guard is voluntary, it still brings with it certain responsibilities.  These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


v     Maintaining all issued equipment and uniforms in excellent condition


v     Maintain outstanding personal appearance


v     Members must be able to stand at the position of attention for long periods of time, carry heavy objects (i.e. flag poles, caskets), and be able to present a professional bearing and appearance at public events.


v     Attending assignments, training and other details as directed


v     Proper performance of assigned duties


Duty Assignments


Selection of Honor Guard detail participants will be made from either on-duty or off-duty officers.  If on-duty officers are selected, prior approval from their immediate supervisor must be obtained.


Honor Guard members designated to participate in Honor Guard functions shall first be selected from available members on shift at the time of assignment.  Participation will be considered their regular duty assignment.  Units and squads will not be brought below minimum staffing to accomplish this.


All overtime requests shall be approved by the Honor Guard Commander and forwarded for final review and approval to the Honor Guard Administrator.




The Honor Guard performs special details where a certain protocol exists, and where the prestige of the Department is promoted through the Unit's ability to represent the Department in a coordinated, sharply dressed, and disciplined manner.  For this reason, training is of the utmost importance.


The Honor Guard will be authorized at least three mandatory scheduled training sessions annually for a minimum of ten hours each and additional practices as needed for a police funeral.  Notification of training sessions will be made to members via e-mail at least two weeks in advance.


The Honor Guard Commander may schedule additional training sessions as deemed appropriate.


Members are expected to attend all mandatory training and practice sessions. Exceptions can be granted by the Honor Guard Administrator. 


Members are required to attend, or be available for, 75% of unit details.  Failure to meet this standard may result in removal from Honor Guard assignment. 




The Honor Guard Administrator and the Honor Guard Commander, after an appropriate review, may remove any member who fails to fulfill their obligation to the Honor Guard as identified in this section.