16.00.100     SPECIAL OPERATIONS         (CALEA 46.2.1 & .2)


The Department staffs, equips, trains, and operates a SWAT Team and Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT) in order to provide the highest quality and most cost effective police services during critical incidents requiring the deployment of a tactical team.  The Department’s Bomb Squad works closely with other regional units to accomplish the safe disposal of explosive devices.


The Unusual Occurrences Manual provides guidelines for deploying the SWAT Team and the Bomb Squad in emergency situations.


Assignment to the Bomb Squad, SWAT, and HNT teams are a collateral duty.  Personnel assigned to these teams have regular assignments to various functions throughout the Department.


v      SWAT Team


The personnel assigned to the SWAT team have received specialized training and conduct periodic training as a unit.  When the SWAT Team is activated, the Incident Commander shall coordinate the operation.  All tactical operations conducted by the SWAT team will be commanded by a SWAT Team Commander. 


Team Selection


The below listed tests and examinations shall be successfully completed by applicants for the SWAT Team:


1.              Physical Assessment (obstacle course)


2.              85% score or higher on Department pistol qualification course


3.              Oral interview


Refer to the SWAT Manual Overview and the policy on Personnel Transfers regarding the selection process and personnel transfers.


Specialized Equipment


Refer to the SWAT Manual and the Unusual Occurrence Manual.


v   Hostage Negotiations Team


The Bellevue Police Department selects and transfers police officers for assignment to HNT using the process required by the Department’s Policy Manual.


Applicants must successfully complete an oral interview test before selection to the Negotiations Team.


v      Crowd Control Unit


The Bellevue Police Department staffs, equips, trains, and operates a Crowd Control Unit in order to provide the highest quality and most cost effective police services during events that draw large crowds.  The unit supports the demand that unusual occurrences might require such as Civil Disobedience, Labor Disputes, Special Events, and VIP Security.


v      Search and Rescue


Pursuant to RCW 38.52.400, the Bellevue Police Department shall coordinate search and rescue efforts conducted within the City of Bellevue.  The scope of the effort shall vary and the emergency mobilization phases shall apply.  Search and rescue operations requiring specialized equipment and/or training shall be conducted by the Bellevue Fire Department or the King County Search and Rescue Association, an affiliate of the King County Sheriff’s Department.