16.00.070    ROLL CALL      (CALEA 41.1.2 & 33.5.2)


Roll call for Patrol Officers will occur at the beginning of each shift, when officers first report for duty.  At roll call, Patrol supervisors will cover the following topics as necessary:


v     Review previous activity recaps covering the squad’s off-duty time


v     Review officer safety information


v     Provide other criminal information updates as necessary


v     Conduct or oversee training discussions including legal updates


v     Inspect the readiness of officers assigned to the shift


v     Review district assignments


v     Inspect officers' equipment, if warranted


v     Review current policy, procedure, rules and regulations and new directives


v     Review cases of interest, goal accomplishments, and patrol information


v     Make necessary notifications concerning schedule changes, special events


v     Provide training, counseling, feedback, motivation, and support to their squad as necessary


The squad supervisor will utilize other members of his/her squad to provide roll call training at regular intervals.  This training includes legal updates, tactical or critical incident training, and other topics as assigned by Command staff or the squad supervisor.