16.00.060     ASSIGNMENT OF PATROL SHIFTS                      (CALEA 41.1.1 & .2)


On-duty personnel must be available on a 24/7 basis to respond to police calls for service.  The Department shall accomplish this through a staggered shift rotation within Patrol ensuring that there is an overlap from one shift to the next, providing uninterrupted service to the community.


Officers and Supervisors will be assigned to patrol squads and specific work shifts after participating in a shift selection process.  The shift selection process is subject to modification each year depending on current staffing levels and experience levels of the officers within Patrol.  Refer to each year’s shift bid selection process memorandum for the most current information.


Factors considered during the assignment of squads and shifts include but are not limited to:


v     Balancing the distribution of officer and supervisor experience


v     Distribution of officers holding specialty jobs such as SWAT, FTO, Bomb Squad, and Evidence Technician


v     Ensuring that officers and supervisors are exposed to varying calls for service (working days, nights, weekends, and weekdays) to increase experience levels


v     Balancing the distribution of officers who have identified and documented performance deficiencies


v     Balancing staffing levels to ensure adequate coverage of calls for service during peak work load days and times


v     Consideration of officer and supervisor seniority


Frequency of Shift Rotation


Standard shift rotation occurs once each quarter of the calendar year, however, an officer may or may not have a change of working days and hours depending on the shift rotation assignment.  Work days and days off are determined through the shift selection process and may change with shift rotation.  Officers and Supervisors, who are members of the Bellevue Police Officers Guild, by contract will work four (4) consecutive 10-hour days each week.  To ensure adequate coverage of calls for service on a 24-hour basis, shift rotations, work hours, and squad assignments may be adjusted by the Patrol Section Commander with a week’s notice to the employee.


District Assignments


The City of Bellevue is divided into geographic districts.  Each district is made up of smaller geographic neighborhoods that are based on the Crime Analyst's determination of service calls, and related data.  Patrol districts are drawn based on the number of calls, population, geography, response times, and service requirements of the neighborhoods or business districts served.  District re-evaluation and possible realignment is conducted as necessary by the Crime Analyst and command staff.  District realignment serves to equalize calls for service load.


The Department utilizes a district system to balance the number of calls, and to keep emergency response times as low as possible.  Districts are identified by call signs, which correspond to specific geographic area(s) within the city.  Refer to the most recently issued Police District map.


The shift supervisor may adjust geographic district assignments to accommodate daily staffing levels and absenteeism.  Daily shift and district assignments will be entered into the automated briefing schedule at the start of each shift.  Shift assignment data will be transmitted to NORCOM.


All districts are served by officers who are assigned to work a district for a period of at least three months.  However, due to staffing changes this assignment may be modified.