16.00.050     OFFICE OF PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS                      (CALEA 52.1.3)


The Office of Professional Standards is established within the Chief’s Office, under the direction of the Chief of Police for the purpose of receiving, recording, and investigating complaints against the Department or employee.  The Office also maintains records of disciplinary actions against employees.


The Commander of the Office of Professional Standards is authorized to report directly to the Chief of Police regarding internal investigation matters and to provide all pertinent investigation information directly to the Chief of Police.


 Records, Maintenance, and Security      (CALEA 52.1.2)


The Department maintains records of all internal affairs investigations, supervisory reviews, and complaints received against the Department and its employees.  These records are maintained in the Office of Professional Standards in a secured file room.  Additional, less detailed, records to track complaints are maintained electronically with security precautions (locked office, password protection of electronic files) by the Office of Professional Standards Commander.


IA Records are maintained according to the State records retention schedule.  Purging of internal affairs records shall include disposal of only the investigation file(s) and does not include data collected to track complaints and complaint dispositions.