The Support Services Division, under the direction of a Deputy Chief of Police and supported by the Administrative  Services Commander, is composed of the Records Unit; Property and Evidence function; an Administrative Systems Officer; the Recruitment function; the Training function; the Police Systems Manager; the technical/research function; and the budget, grants, and contract coordination function.


The following organizational units comprise the Support Services Division:


              *Administrative Services Section

              *Investigations Section


v      Records Unit


The Records Unit is a component of the Administrative  Services Section responsible for maintaining criminal and civil records.  The Records Unit is managed by the Administrative Services Major and supervised by three civilian supervisors. 


The Records staff is responsible for reviewing all submitted reports from the Patrol, Traffic, and Investigations Units for accuracy and completeness.  From these reports, statistical information is recorded and reported. 


All reports and records are maintained according to departmental standards and state law in order to provide security and authorized access.  Records are maintained in alphabetical or numerical filing systems.  (Reference RCW 10.97, 42.17, and 13.50.)


Records personnel will be responsible for records manage­ment, public fingerprinting when appropriate, and processing weapons permits.  All requests for information from the Police Department will be managed and processed through the Records Unit in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, State law, and Department policy.


Police Systems Manager


The Police Systems Manager works within the Records Unit.  In addition to supervisory responsibilities within the Records Unit, this position is responsible for oversight of the department’s technical systems.


v      Evidence Unit


All evidence and found property items are the sole responsibility of the Property Supervisor, who reports directly to the Administrative Services Major. The Support  Services Deputy Chief has overall responsibility for this function.  The Property Supervisor is solely responsible for evidence and found property from the time of receipt from the submitting officer through disposition.  All records, whether computerized or documentary, shall be kept in a secure/tamperproof condition to prevent removal or record manipulation.  Refer to the Evidence System (Chapter 25) chapter for further information.



v      Accreditation Management      (CALEA 33.5.4)


In order to maintain National Accreditation (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies), the management of this function is assigned to the Commander of the Office of Professional Standards. All supervisors and command staff are responsible for the required reporting standards that are applicable to their assigned areas of supervision.  The Commander of the Office of Professional Standards will be a Captain and this position will be rotating.  Within one year of being assigned to the position, the Captain will receive specialized accreditation manager training.  It is the responsibility of the Commander of the Office of Professional Standards, to ensure compliance with the policies and procedures that have been adopted.  The Commander is also responsible for Internal Investigation oversight and other tasks as assigned in the job description.  Any changes to the Department's policy manual can be recommended in writing by any department personnel and forwarded, through their supervisor, to the Office of Professional Standards.


v        Planning and Research      (CALEA 15.1.2,15.1.3)


The Deputy Chief of Police of the Support  Services Division will have oversight for the planning and research function of the Department.  They will seek input from the Operations Division Deputy Chief of Police for items affecting that Division.  Other Command staff personnel and the Crime Analyst will assist with this function.


The planning and research function will encompass both administrative and operational planning.  Areas of consideration include, but are not limited to:


v      Technological advancement to assist in the areas of communication and criminal investigation


v      Statistical analysis to plan for staffing and capital improvements


v      Ongoing planning and assessment of the Department's commitment to the community policing philosophy.


v        Dissemination of Analytical Reports


All analytical reports generated by the planning and research function will be distributed to Section Commanders and other affected units as required.  Copies may be posted on Department bulletin boards and the Department’s Intranet site.  At the discretion of the Chief of Police, copies may be distributed to various city departments, Mayor and City Council, and interested external agencies (public and private).


Strategic Plan (CALEA 15.1.3)


The Deputy Chief of Police of the Support  Services Division coordinates the development of the Department’s Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Plan includes:


v      Department’s long-term goals and operational objectives

v      Anticipated workload and population trends

v      Anticipated staffing levels

v      Anticipated capital improvements, technology, and equipment needs


All staff members are encouraged to provide input during the annual review and revision of the  Strategic Plan.  The review may also include input from members of the community and Department volunteers.  The Chief of Police and Command staff will maintain copies of the Strategic Plan.



v      Personnel Services Unit


The Personnel Services Unit (PSU) is managed by a Captain who reports directly to the Administrative Services Major on all assignments.   PSU is responsible for employee recruiting, hiring, and training.