16.00.020     OFFICE OF THE CHIEF


The Chief of Police is appointed by and reports directly to the City Manager.  The Chief of Police has overall authority and management responsibility of the Police Department.  All personnel report to the Chief through the chain of command.  The Chief is responsible for establishing and monitoring plans, goals, standards, and operating procedures for the department.  The Chief of Police is also responsible for assuring the financial well-being of the department.  The Chief of Police is the liaison between the City Council and the Department, and communicates city programs and policies to Department staff.


The Department structure consists of an Operations and Administrative Services Division.  Employees within each Division report to a Deputy Chief.  Each Deputy Chief reports directly to the Chief of Police.


The following organizational units are a part of the Office of the Chief:


v      The Office of Professional Standards 


Community trust and the credibility of the Bellevue Police Department are critical aspects of the mission of the Police Department.  The Bellevue community should have full confidence in the ethics and integrity of the individuals they employ and entrust with their safety.  The Office of Professional Standards was created to manage all of the complaints received by the Department and all of the internal investigations of Police Department employees.


The Office of Professional Standards consists of a Captain and a Lieutenant, and the Public Information Officer, who report directly to the Chief of Police.  The Office of Professional Standards also has the responsibility of maintaining a disciplinary system database and the security of the internal investigation files.  The information provided by the database will allow constant evaluation of the abilities of the department and the individual employees to ensure improvement and the highest levels of service.

       Accreditation Management      (CALEA 33.5.4)

In order to maintain International Accreditation (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies), the management of this function is assigned to the Commander of the Office of Professional Standards.  All supervisors and command staff are responsible for the required reporting standards that are applicable to their assigned areas of supervision.  The Commander of the Office of Professional Standards will be a Captain and this position will be rotating.  Within one year of being assigned to the position, the Captain will receive specialized accreditation training.  It is the responsibility of the Commander of the Office of Professional Standards to ensure compliance with the policies  and procedures that have been adopted.  The Commander is also responsible for Internal Investigation oversight and other tasks as assigned in the job description.  Changes to the Department's policy manual may be proposed by any police employee by sending a written proposal through the Chain of Command  to the Office of Professional Standards.


v      Public Information Officer


The Public Information Officer is supervised directly by the Office of Professional Standards Captain. Command staff, Captains, and Lieutenants are to be used as back-up public information officers when the primary PIO is unavailable.

v   Legal Advisor

The Department's Legal Advisor reports directly to the Chief of Police.  The Legal Advisor provides legal and policy advice and counsel to the Department.  The Legal Advisor is also the Public Records Officer for the Department.

v      Fiscal Manager


The Department’s Fiscal Manager reports directly to the Chief of Police.  The Fiscal Manager is responsible for performing cost control activities, monitors all fiscal operations of the department, and prepares the annual budget.  The Department’s Fiscal Manager is also responsible for coordinating development of the bi-annual budget and the updating of the Department’s Strategic Plan, also known as the “Six-year Budget Plan.”


v      Command Staff


Two Deputy Chiefs of Police, one assigned to the Operations Division, the other to the Support Services Division, are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the administration of their respective Divisions.  Each Deputy Chief reports directly to the Chief of Police and assists the Chief in the department budgetary and planning requirements.  The Deputy Chiefs of Police assists in developing department policies and procedures, and performs the Chief's duties during the Chief’s absence.


The Deputy Chief of Operations supervises the Operations Section Commander.  The Deputy Chief of Support Services supervises the Investigations and Administrative Services Section Commanders.  All section Commanders hold the rank of Major.  The Deputy Chiefs have command oversight of the department’s budget process, providing direct input to the budgetary process through the Finance Manager.  The Deputy Chief of the Support Services Division also acts as the Department liaison with the City’s Internal Technology Governance Committee (ITGC).


Administrative Assistants support the missions of both the Divisions.  Administrative Assistants report directly to the Chief of Police and Deputy Chiefs, and are confidential assistants within each Division.