16.00.010     ORGANIZATIONAL CHART      (CALEA 11.1.1)


The organizational subdivisions within the span of control of the agency's chief executive officer are grouped by function and depicted in the Department organizational chart.  The organizational Chart depicts levels of command, lines of authority, and positions established for the conduct of the work of the Department.


The organizational chart is kept on file in the Personnel Services Unit (PSU).  The organizational chart, job descriptions, and functions are available to all employees through each Section Commander or directly from PSU.


The Organizational Chart will be updated as needed by PSU.  All changes to the Department organizational chart must be approved by the Chief of Police or designee.


Requested changes to the organizational chart, due to reorganization or transfer of personnel, must be accompanied by an Executive Order explaining the transfer or reorganization, and a copy of the current organizational chart corrected to show the reorganization and placement of personnel.


Each revision of the organizational chart will display in the lower left hand corner the date (mm/dd/yyyy) of implementation or revision approved by the Chief of Police or designee.


Once PSU has updated the organizational chart, a copy will be sent to the Chief’s administrative assistant for historical documentation.


The Personnel Services Unit Commander will distribute the organizational chart to all Command level employees in printed or electronic form with instructions to destroy pre-existing copies.