Commissioned employees do not have law enforcement authority outside the State of Washington, even if on department business. Any law enforcement outside the State of Washington is outside the scope of duties, except if granted by a court order or from a foreign jurisdiction. 


Transporting a department issued firearm while out of state may be approved under the following circumstances:


v      If the uniform is required to be worn (except when alcohol may be consumed)


v      If the firearm is required for training approved by the Department


v      If the firearm is evidence subpoenaed by another jurisdiction


v      If the situation leads the commissioned employee and his/her supervisor to believe a firearm is needed (circumstances must be specifically outlined in a memo to the Chief of Police)


The firearm must be properly stored and secured when not on the employee’s person.


All applicable state and federal regulations will be followed. This specifically includes FAA and TSA rules and the applicable state and local laws on carrying, possession, and civilian use of force. The commissioned employee is responsible for learning the applicable laws in the other jurisdiction(s).


A request for authorization to carry a department issued firearm out of state, or to be armed while flying, must be submitted in writing to the Chief of Police via the Chain of Command and include:


v      The laws and policies dictating the use of firearms for the jurisdiction in question


v      The employee’s acknowledgement that s/he has no law enforcement authority outside the State of Washington.


Authorization to carry does not authorize law enforcement use.  It does permit the commissioned employee to use the department issued firearm in compliance with the other jurisdiction’s laws for civilians. 


A request to be armed while flying must also include documentation that the employee has attended the TSA required training class “Law Enforcement Officers Flying Armed.”  Requests for authorization will not be approved without this proof of attendance. 


Once approved to be armed while flying, the employee is responsible for contacting the Records unit to have a NLETS message sent to TSA.  The response to this message will contain a unique identifier which is required on the day of travel.  Employees are responsible to ensure that requests are submitted with sufficient time to allow the request to be reviewed and the NLETS message to be sent.  The TSA suggests that messages be sent at least 24 hours prior to travel. 


This policy does not prevent off-duty commissioned employees from carrying their personal firearm out of state in accordance with state and federal laws.