15.00.030     MUTUAL AID        (CALEA 2.1.3) 


To provide emergency services when there is a depletion of Department resources, the Department has entered into Mutual Aid agreements with adjoining jurisdictions.  The Department’s legal advisor maintains a list of all mutual aid agreements.


Officers involved in any exercise of police authority outside the City of Bellevue, are bound by Bellevue Police Department policies, procedures, and regulations that limit Department officers in their exercise of the authority given by the Washington Mutual Aid Peace Officer Powers Act.


The Washington Mutual Aid Peace Officers Powers Act gives general authority to Washington Peace Officers who possess a certificate of basic law enforcement training or a certificate of equivalency authority to enforce state traffic or criminal laws throughout the state.  Refer to the policy on Police Authority outside City Limits (15.00.040) for further information.


v      Requesting Mutual Aid


In situations that require mutual aid assistance, any on-duty Bellevue police supervisor may request assistance from a neighboring agency. The request may be made either by direct contact with the agency or through NORCOM. Outside personnel responding to a Bellevue Police Department request will report to the Bellevue police supervisor in charge of the incident (Incident Commander). Maintaining radio communications between Bellevue police and other responding agencies will be coordinated by NORCOM. The Bellevue police supervisor will ensure appropriate documentation and reporting of the names and agencies of officers that respond to a mutual aid request. Before the end of the shift in which aid was received, the supervisor shall report the mutual aid incident through the chain of command.


v      Responding to a Mutual Aid Request


No officer shall respond outside the City of Bellevue to a request for mutual aid by another law enforcement agency without first being authorized by the on-duty Bellevue police supervisor. The supervisor shall designate how many (if any) units will be sent to provide mutual aid. With Command officer approval, a supervisor shall also respond to monitor the mutual aid being provided and to ensure direct supervision of Bellevue police personnel. If a supervisor is not available, a supervisor or Command officer will designate one of the responding officers as a “lead” officer. The Bellevue police supervisor will ensure any necessary reports are provided to the agency requesting mutual aid by the end of the shift in which the aid was provided. Before the end of the shift in which aid was provided, the supervisor shall report the mutual aid incident through the chain of command.


When the requesting agency does not border the City of Bellevue, officers shall not respond without receiving a specific request from the requesting agency and shall not respond without approval from a Bellevue police supervisor.  If not requested at the mutual aid incident, officers should prepare to assist other agencies that will have diminished resource capabilities due to its support of the incident.


v      Compensation


Compensation for expenditures incurred by agencies responding to a mutual aid request from Bellevue Police, if not previously arranged, shall be decided through an administrative review of the incident after the fact.


The Bellevue Police Legal Advisor and Administrative staff shall periodically review this policy and make changes as necessary.