15.00.020     DEPARTMENT JURISDICTION        (CALEA 2.1.1)


The Bellevue Police Department is the agency with primary territorial jurisdiction (RCW 10.93.020) within the Bellevue city limits and has the primary responsibility to conduct all police activity within its borders as defined by federal, state, and local law.


Concurrent Jurisdiction       (CALEA 2.1.2)


The City of Bellevue is a city of crossroads. It has interstate highways and state and county roads that cross city boundaries.  Direct enforcement actions may be taken by Bellevue Police, King County Police, the Washington State Patrol, and federal law enforcement agencies.


A limited number of other agencies are given authority by the Chief of Police to act in a full or limited law enforcement capacity within the City.  Chiefs and Sheriffs from other jurisdictions have also given consent to Bellevue Officers to exercise law enforcement authority in their jurisdictions.  A list of these agencies receiving consent from Bellevue and giving consent to Bellevue is maintained by the Police Legal Advisor and is posted on the J: Drive.  Original documents of consent are maintained in the office of the Police Legal Advisor.


Collisions on roads and streets within the corporate limits are investigated by the Bellevue Police Department unless it is an on-view situation by another agency.  The exception to this applies to collisions on limited access highways (SR520, I-90), including freeway on and off ramps to and from the stop bars.  Collisions occurring within these areas are investigated by the Washington State Patrol.


Questions Regarding Jurisdiction


In any situation where a question arises concerning jurisdiction with another agency, the involved officer will make every effort to resolve the matter in the most professional manner possible.  In situations where no agreeable solution is reached, a supervisor will review the situation for resolution.  In the interest of service to the public, officers should remember - "When in doubt, take the report."


Oath of Office      (CALEA 1.1.1)


Each employee hired to function as a police officer will, prior to being commissioned, be required to take an oath of office to enforce the laws of the city of Bellevue, uphold the U.S. Constitution and Constitution of the State of Washington, and to abide by the Code of Ethics as adopted by the Department.


The Commander of the Personnel Services Unit will arrange for all newly hired police officers to take an oath of office and be sworn in prior to assuming their duties as commissioned officers.  The Personnel Services Unit will maintain an oath of office record including the date, time, place, and administering official.  The oath of office will be administered by the Chief of Police or the Chief's designee.